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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Friend Robert from Be'er Sheva wrote this amazing response to the leftist drivel printed in Haaretz:
In the above Haaretz editorial, Gideon Levy explains why he is ashamed of the Israeli flag. I wrote the following response to TalkBack:

I've felt just like Gideon Levy many times, like when I saw my prime minister shake hands with a pedophilic terrorist with the Israeli flag flying in the background, and when I saw the Blue & White unfurled at demonstrations against the Jewish communities of Yesha.

That rectangular symbol of our purpose and potential in our Homeland was perhaps most defiled when it appeared as a backdrop to the expulsion of 9,000 Jews from their Gaza Strip homes - homes and synagogues that were then razed to the ground.

But I put out my Israeli flags as always because despite my being utterly ashamed by Israel's participation in the Oslo Accords and all the moral and political corruption that has inevitably followed, I still believe that the State of Israel is a gift from G-d to the Jewish People, and when we look at the Israeli flag, we should focus on that singular idea, and not on the failings of the people entrusted with the Gift.


goyisherebbe said...

It is true that independence was a divine gift, but it was defiled by the the haters of the Giver. The prophets and sages have taught us that the redemption comes with an unholy government which must be replaced with a holy one. We can't allow ourselves to be even temporarily satisfied with something less than the real thing. It would be similar to going to church because you live somewhere where there is no shul around.

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