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Sunday, April 22, 2007
In yet another example of how truth, basic values, and other civil rights can be trampled for the Leftist cause, Ami Ayalon (former Shabak head, wannabe Labor PM, and a founder of the Geneva Surrender Committee) is admitting that Margalit Har-Shefi knew nothing of Yigal Amir’s plan to assassinate Rabin (if he actually did it).

He openly admitted that they had unambiguous intelligence information that indicated that she was innocent.

Now this isn’t like Shimon Peres’s claim two months ago that he knew years ago that Moshe Katzav was a molester (and kept silent all these years thus allowing Katzav to be in a position to supposedly attack more women – if he did it).

No, this is from someone in the Left-wing establishment admitting they framed an innocent girl – while Avishai Raviv (their agent of incitement whose mission was to slander the right and create a blood libel against everyone who disagreed with them or tried to block their deal with the terrorists) runs free.

Again, we have learned to expect nothing more from this crowd besides lies and destruction.


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