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Sunday, April 15, 2007
While we Jews have known for quite a while now that "Palestinian" society is nothing more than a bunch of uncivilized barbarian tribes, the rest of the world has generally ignored that because the only people they were really trying to kill were us Jews.

The Palestinians just announced that they executed the British reporter they kidnapped a few days ago.


Because they felt the world wasn't giving enough attention to their murderers that Israel captured and jailed (the hundred Israel will be releasing for our soldier they kidnapped).

So, until now, Britain and the West could safely ignore their activities, but now that the Palestinians have stepped over the line, can and will the West continue to ignore the fact that they are dealing with a culture and society of death?

The truth is, of course they can.

Just like the US made only a slightly more than symbolic response to their convoy and officials being murdered a few years ago in Gaza, the West will again react the same way here.

More likely, Tony Blair will meet with Abbas and Hamas as a show of solidarity and friendship.

P.S. Two Internet cafes in Gaza were blown up today as well as a Xian bookstore. It is not the first 2 Internet cafes to have been blown up in Gaza in recents months. Remember Tony... Islam good, Freedom bad.
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