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Monday, April 30, 2007
I mentioned yesterday that I recommend reading Treppenwitz's post.

In reaction to a response and statement by a leftwing commentor to my comment there I did a little more research into the question at hand. It opened my eyes to something I was aware of, but didn't appreciate the level of seriousness involved.

This is what I commented there after my research.

I have to seriously reconsider a position I have taken until now.

After Mobius's challenge I took it upon myself to look up the Death Penalty issue in PA controlled areas, but using only Arab and Leftwing sources.

Until now, I knew (and observed) that under Israeli control life was better for the average “Palestinian”.

Once the PA took over, I knew things got worse, but I figured it is their problem – it was their choice.

Now going over Arab and Leftwing source material I find my position to have been too callous.

It is terrifying as to how bad life has gotten for the average Palestinian under PA rule. Summary executions, spurious trials, rape, murder, mayhem, corruption (well, we have corruption too).

What I found most disturbing were the long lists and lists of names of Arabs that were murdered and tortured by their fellow Arabs – whether in the courts or on the streets (or in their own homes) (- including for selling land to Jews).

And not that this started suddenly once Hamas took over, but this started immediately after Oslo began and authority was turned over to the Palestinians - and it was no secret to those in charge and behind the Oslo surrender.

It is beyond sick what they do to us with their suicide bombers and such, but how they destroyed their own society and the fear for own their lives these people live in from their own neighbors and government must be overwhelming.

I knew the Israeli Left hurt the Palestinians when they began the Oslo process by giving them self-rule, but I never realized the extent of evil that occurs to them on a daily level in their lives because we, Israel, are no longer there to protect them from themselves.

Darfur is far away. One can merely look on the other side of the wall and see a situation that demands our immediate intervention and return.


Lion of Zion said...

(sarcasm.) oh please, we all know that the israeli occupation engendered this environment you so deplore

Anonymous said...

Maybe life is hell for the Fakestinians, but it is a hell of their own making.

Besides which when even the Israeli Arabs openly side with our enemies(the last Yom Haatzmaut) I dont really feel any sympathy for them. Consider if life was even worse for them more would emmigrate away from Eretz Yisrael.

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