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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Azmi Bishara was hardly the first, but he has certainly raised the bar for "Israeli" Arabs - and they are rising to the challenge.

I haven't seen this reported in the leftwing papers yet, but
A7 describes an absurd situation where 150 Jews (from Haifa) picnicking in the Megiddo forest on Independence day were suddenly accosted and threatened by 6000 "Israeli" Arabs, many waving PLO flags.

It seems that the Israeli Jews had chosen to celebrate Independence Day in an area where the "Israeli" Arabs were publicly mourning and commemorating their Naqba (The Catastrophe of Israel's Independence).

This is after 5 off-duty soldiers (4 women and a man) were attacked and seriously injured in Yafo last week.

Israeli Arabs are not a 5th column - they’re quite open that we and they are enemies.


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