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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Throughout Judea, Jerusalem, and as far away as Ma'aleh Adumim all the chickens have gone on strike. The chickens unilaterally decided that too many of their offspring were sacrificed in the boiling pots and frying pans this past week and have decided to stop producing eggs. (I'm not kidding).

Since the end of Pesach it is nearly impossible to find chicken eggs in any store. There are simply none left and the chickens can't produce them fast enough.

Those that are found are snatched up faster than you can swing a chicken before Yom Kippur.

Yeah, and I'm sure some commenter is going to write that he/she has had no problems finding eggs. Liar.


Mikeage said...

I have no problem finding eggs... they're in our fridge, left over from Pesach ;)

When I first saw your post about Chickens on Strike, I thought the histadrut was about to... oh, never mind.

JoeSettler said...

The strike is over. The stores have eggs!

Rafi G. said...

whew! I almost regret having bought two trays of them yesterday.

That was a short lived strike anyway. what happened? why'd the government capitulate so quickly? what are the terms of the agreement breaking the strike?

Michael said...

You said The strike is over. The stores have eggs!

That's good to hear, because I was just about to tell you that I had no problem finding eggs....

Dan Balsamo said...

yeah, I think it is over. I just came by the grocery this morning and bought like 2 dozen of eggs ( I love to bake). Did that really happen? Maybe I should really cut down my egg purchase. There might be a conference going here in our area.. =P

Mel Balsamo

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