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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Ynet has a strange article about flagging flag sales ahead of Yom Hatzmaut.

Flag manufacturers are reporting that flag sales have dropped "steeply" compared to previous years. They claim that Settlers aren't buying flags.

Can you imagine that?

Us ~250,000 settlers out of 6 million citizens aren't buying flags (at the same level we did previously) and that is described as a steep drop.

When I hear "steeply" I don't think 4% I think 40%.

To my ears it sounds like they are saying we settlers were the most patriotic group in the country, and the rest of the country has to combine together to purchase the same number of flags as our little group did (or the rest of the country can't even be bothered to show display or feel any patriotism).

In short, Flag makers are yet another victim of Disengagement.


Rafi G. said...

1. big deal. most flags in Israel are made in China and Taiwan anyway, so it is not a local Israeli factory that is losing the business.

2. Settlers are to blame for everything.

Michael said...

Jeepers, I didn't buy a flag this year.

On the other hand, I already have 3, hanging out the various windows.

Maybe people's flags just haven't worn out?

Lurker said...

Nobody ought to be shocked at the level of public alienation from the state:

By commiting the Expulsion, the Sharon/Olmert government irrevocably ripped apart the fabric of Israeli society. This is no longer the same country that it was before 2005, and it never will be again. After completely abandoning the Zionist principles upon which Israel was founded, the state proceeded to demonize, attack, and rape the only remaining sector of the population that had remained loyal to those priciples. It is hardly surprising that an enormous part of the populace now feels only bitterness and contempt for the state and its institutions. The state is no longer seens as the embodiment of Jewish dreams and ideals, but rather its antithesis.

JoeSettler said...

The Left said the same about the Rabin assasination.

I hope like Leah, you're not planning to announce that you are thinking of packing up your bags and leaving.

JoeSettler said...

I'm thinking of hanging an Israeli flag on the side of my house facing the Arab village, and an orange flag on the side facing the Yishuv.

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