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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Well, that’s one 5th columnist we don’t have to deal with anymore (at least in Israel, and for the moment).

Azmi Bashara has tendered his resignation as an MK at the Israeli embassy in Egypt (man this guy traveled a lot in the past week).

Yuval Steinitz demanded that Israel track him down and arrest him for his deeds.

And what dastardly deeds did he definitely do (and can you say that 10 times fast)?

Rumor has it that during the last war he was busy contacting Hizbollah and informing them exactly where each missile hit. Not as bad as giving them guns, a government, or releasing them from jail, but still up there on the scale of things.

We’re still waiting to see if and when Olmert & Co. also bolts to another country without an extradition treaty.

Jameel told me a funny joke (but you need to understand Hebrew):

5 MKs are arrested. They are put into a police van. How do they all fit in together?

Answer: 2 me’kadima v-3 me’kadima.


Anonymous said...

Well, Ehud Olmert's brother, Yossi, also fled the country in 2004:

and now his other brother is leaving Kadima as well:

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