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Monday, September 04, 2006
You got to love Leftists (or not). Hassan Nassrallah doesn’t understand Israel, they claim. Hassan Nassralah doesn’t understand Israeli ethos and morality. Hassan Nasrallah should have known we would attack if our soldiers were kidnapped.

They are so busy touting their moral ethos of supposedly never leaving a soldier in the field – that they ignore that they have, a number of times.

Hassan Nasrallah understands Israel quite well.

Nasrallah knows certain (leftwing as it happens) Israeli government will and have left soldiers in the field. Nasrallah was almost right in not expecting Israel to attack or make a war of it. Look at Kever Yosef (Labor government), or for that matter the previous soldiers (and drug dealer) he kidnapped in 2000 (Labor government).

But he made one little mistake this time.

He did what he did to one-up the Gazans. He didn’t think this one completely through before he did it. If he had waited just another 2 weeks, then he would have gotten away with it – without a war.

This government only reacted this way because it reached a stage of total panic – it was one more attack than they could handle, and not because of any moral values.

Nasrallah’s mistake was only in his timing. If he had waited until things cooled down, he could have one-upped the Gazans and avoided a full-out war. Instead he let his ego get ahead of his intellect.

After all, why was Nasrallah surprised that Israel reacted?

Because Leftwing Israeli governments don’t normally act the way this one did, and this one wouldn’t have either if it hadn’t already been pushed into the corner and Olmert hadn't panicked.

Just look at Sderot and Ashkelon – does anyone see 30,000 troops in Gaza fighting to stop the missiles or get our soldier back?


Anonymous said...

When Nasrallah's comments were first reported, I wondered whether he might be simply tossing out a bit of BS to bolster Olmert. I.e., there was such a groundswell of Israelis wanting to "toss the rascals out" b/c of the fashla of the war. But maybe Nasrallah figured that "the rascals" and their fashla suit him just fine. So he tossed out his bit of BS to try and dampen any movement to dump Olmert and replace him with someone who will be able to do a better job when Round Two gets underway.

Any thoughts on that, Joe?


JoeSettler said...

Nothing Nasrallah says can be taken at face value. He has multiple motivations behind every comment and he knows how his audience will react to his statements.

He is an expert manipulator.

He definitely prefers amateur hour in Israel over experienced operators.

Most Israelis I assume didn't notice his jibe at us when he said he didn't expect a reaction. Sometimes your enemies tell the truth and you need to face the harsh truth of what they are telling you.

bar_kochba132 said...

The well-known Professor Shuka Porat (expert on the Arab world) said on Israel radio the same thing. He says the Iranians want to keep Olmert in power because he is weak. They are afraid that if Netanyahu got in, then he, together with Bush, might become very aggressive with the Iranian nuclear program. If the Iranians really think this, then they are overestimating the power of Israel's gov't in influencing US policy and also the fact that Bibi, if he were to become PM again, would undergo a process of "Sharonization" and basically carry out the policies of the Left. You will notice that the Right doesn't even bother challenging the gov't and doesn't show that it wants to come to power. Apparently the reign of terror conducted by Aharan Barak's judicial dictatorship (Ramon and Katsav) combined with the post-Zionist media have convinced the "national camp" that they are incapable of ruling the country in the place of the post-Zionists. Don't Nasrallah and Ahmedinejad understand this?

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