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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Last month we said finally goodbye and good riddance to one Barak who recklessly and impetuously damaged Israel, and yesterday we finally said goodbye to the other Barak who quite impudently and deliberately hurt Israel even more.

Former Prime Minsiter Ehud Barak destroyed Israel‘s deterrence and former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak destroyed Israel’s democracy.

The Jerusalem Post quotes Dorit Beinish, the next autocrat and tyrant wannabe to take up the position of Supreme Court President. Beinish said, “Barak set up standards to last generations“.

G/d Forbid.

The article then goes on to praise two of the worst and most anti-democratic concepts and models that Barak introduced into our Judicial and Legislative system that made it the most anti-democratic and worst in the world.

There was his “constitutional revolution”.

A term he misused and abused and applied to a series of (“basic”) laws that were passed by the legislative branch. A branch who not only had no idea of what these laws could mean, but even considered them to be so irrelevant that no more than a dozen or so people actually showed up to vote on them.

12 out of 120 people showing up to vote in a poorly written law everyone thought was incredibly minor, and then turning them into a “constitutional revolution” which he used to constantly and consistently overturn legislative rulings he disagreed with is not a constitutional revolution - it’s a “Judicial Coup” no different than if Sharon had surrounded the Knesset with tanks.

The JP then continues on saying, “He was also the man who dramatically expanded the number of people who could petition the High Court of Justice, making it accessible to virtually any citizen or group taking upon itself to represent the public interest."


This man did something virtually unknown in any democratic society. He took “Judicial Activism“ to the level of tyranny and totalitarianism.

He allowed nearly anyone to petition the court on any “public” matter even if it had no direct or personal connection to the plaintant.

Even the ACLU in the US must at least find someone damaged and connected to a case in order to petition the courts.

But not in Israel.

If you don’t like how the Knesset voted, then just go to Aharon Barak. If he decides you were right (meaning Left and in agreement with his world view), then the elected Legislatures decisions would get overturned.

It didn’t matter that this is what the elected officials of our state wanted. It didn’t matter if this is what the majority of the people wanted, or even what our declaration of independence wanted.

If Barak’s cozy friends from say Peace Now petitioned the courts against the Settlements, well, then clearly it was an opportunity to not apply the law as was written, but to redefine it to what he wanted it to be.

This was particularly true when it came to removing the Jewish from the Jewish state and attempting to transform us into the Left’s “state of all its citizens”.

He even forbade the Jewish Agency from fulfilling their mandate - the organization that since even before the state was created, Jewish families, rich and poor worldwide, unreservedly donated their money to, specifically to help redeem the land for the Jews and restore Jewish sovereignty and control to the Land of Israel.

Barak pure and simply stole money from generations of the Jewish People.

Amazingly the article continues on and states, “He also expanded the number of issues that the court was willing to consider and frequently intervened in decisions made by the executive and legislature.”

That’s not called “Checks and Balances“. That’s called taking over a competing branch and enforcing your own elitist views on the country that doesn’t agree with you or want what you have to say.

Barak redefined the Rule of Law to not mean that the Law rules and applies to all, but that he, as supreme Judge, ruled over the law.

Good riddance to this dictator.

Hopefully Beinish will be too weak a replacement to follow in the footsteps of her sinister, dangerous and imperial master.

As I saw someone else point out, the article accurately points out, “Beinisch will be crowned his successor“. In democracies replacements are appointed, in tyrannies only tyrants are crowned.


Cosmic X said...

Good riddance!

JoeSettler said...

I guess the Law of Return should then either be annulled or equally applied according to Barak (if he is consistent).

Anonymous said...

Hey, just a question: If Katzav temporarily "stepped down" from his tafkid today, the day of Beinish's swearing-in, because he's under investigation -- shouldn't Olmert have done likewise? As well as assorted other Kadimaniacs?


Anonymous said...

Joesettler, Barak was so Left he even made noises about overturning the law of Return because it was racist I guess he never got around to it

Anonymous said...

And you are stating 'just the facts ma'm."
He used the mind God gave him for nefarious and tyrannical purpose.

bluke said...

I posted about this as well The Israeli Supreme Court, good riddance.

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