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Monday, February 20, 2006
The Gaza PA was forced to admit today that 600 chickens mysteriously died (after initially completely denying the report, which means many, many more actually died), and of course, they still deny it is because of the Avian Flu.

I would suggest that their bioterror attempt at introducing the avian flu into Israel backfired, sort of like when their Kassams come crashing down on their own houses, or when their suicide bombers blowup in work accidents in their labs.

In other news, 60mm mortars where captured by IDF forces in Bethlehem.

While the army claims this is the first time mortars were captured, they are choosing their words carefully so as not to remind us that Bethlehem has been a mortar staging ground against Jerusalem numerous times in the past few years (particularly against Gilo).


westbankmama said...

Don't get carried away, Joe. I don't think that the Arabs in Gaza can create avian flu. Homemade kassams made from street signs - sure. Genetically engineered flu virus, no way.

JoeSettler said...

Not create - Import.

The same way they bring in conventional weapons through Egypt, is the same way they purposely bring in infected birds.

If you are looking for a precedent for their attempts at non-conventional warfare, I can offer two and an unconfirmed third.

1) We regularly stop at the Gaza gateway eggs heavily infected with Salmonella that they are trying to sneak into Israel.

2) The metal bits, nails, and pieces in some of the suicide bomber’s bombs were covered with various poisons.

3) There has been concern that some of the suicide bombers were infected with AIDS and other infectious diseases.

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