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Saturday, February 18, 2006
Arabs are rioting around the world over a bunch of (truthfull) cartoons.

One of my readers pointed out that this past summer in his neighborhood (I won't name it as to not embarrass them) one of the Arab workers painted a Swastika on a wall!

That's right!

Did the Jews of Efrat that town riot, protest, demand an investigation, kick the Arabs out?

No, of course not.

A few days later the town asked another Arab worker (perhaps even the one that painted it) to paint over it.



Anonymous said...

And this evening they caught two Arabs trying to bring a bomb into that town you didn't name.

Anonymous said...

It's all silly really. Mostly it just proves that the West as a whole are a bunch of wimps.

Anonymous said...

Great point! My Rabbi's sermon this week dealt with silence and its weakness. You can view my blog entry at

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