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Thursday, February 02, 2006


JoeSettler said...

For more pictures of police brutality see:

Anonymous said...

the settler need to learn from the hareidim how to really riot.

both the settlers and hareidim need to join forces and riot together.

its time to stop turning the other cheek to police violence.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world were people trying to fight with police?
why were kids blocking bulldozers? why were parents letting them? why put themselves in danger any different than the arab kids?

Anonymous said...

why? what planet are you on?

since this summer the government has gone on an organized pogrom to ethnically cleanse judea and samaria of all traces of jewish existence. gush katif and northern shomron were first. amona and hebron are next, and then comes the rest.

why are we fighting with the police?

you've got your question backwards.

Truth said...

Hey Joe,

You were right about the analysis of illegitimacy of the gov't. It is just a 'legal trick' [ie, Sharon is declared (by Mazuz) as'temporarily' rather than 'permanently' incapacitated, so an MK from Likud wasn't appointed PM].

See here if you didn't yet -


JoeSettler said...


Thank you for that link. I was wondering where you disappeared to.

Anonymous said...

This is insanity! With Hamas in control, the Road Map is dead; Oslo is dead; all negotiations should be stopped. And we should be - davka - BUILDING! And what about the thousands of illegal Arab buildings???

the sabra said...

anonymous-im choked w/ shock and disgust at your questions. i am going to be 'dan lekaf zechus' and assume you mistyped something.

ok, let's try for a bit of a more mature and intelligent response, eh?

the reason they are fighting it is the same reason you would stand in front of your house in new york, boston, miami, canada or even israel if bulldozers came to smash it down. thank gd for the kids, that they are idealistic enough to go out and do something. the youth of israel are heroes. they are fighting with police because the police came to fight them. (most of it was literal self defense) ach i cannot even write more. im sorry im just so angry.
and once again i am saddened at how we (as jews) are our worst enemies.

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