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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
(Translated from the original Hebrew)

The State of Israel was demolished today – now here is the alternative.

A long time ago the Israeli Entity lost all connection to Judaism and the People of Israel. This state has transformed into a non-Jewish Arab State.

I, as a Jew, have every right to this land. While the Israeli and the ‘Palestinian’ don’t have the right to a single centimeter here.

The Israeli Nation, like the Palestinian Nation, are products of a disturbed mind.

The Israeli Nation (without connection to Judaism) have zero rights to anything.

Ben-Gurion and all the early establishers of the state tied the Zionist state to Judaism for a reason! They understood quite well that without Judaism the state would never arise.

I personally no longer have any representatives in the Knesset. Not from the Right, not from the Left, not from the religious, and not from the secular. They are all corrupt.

The Hebron market was just one example of the complete bankruptcy of this secular-arab state now called Israel. Everyone knows the market is Jewish property. The Jordanians even have documents showing that the land belonged to a Jew from Chabbad who bought the land in question.

In 1929, along came the partners of Olmert and Meretz, Inc., raping, murdering, and exiling the Jewish community from Hebron. What exactly converted this Jewish market into an Arab one? Murder?
Amona too is purchased Jewish property.

But it is the properties in Tel Aviv and Haifa that were conquered and stolen by the Israelis. How many homes on Emek Refaim, where the leftists now live, were originally Arab homes that were abandoned in the war?

Meanwhile not a single home in Gush Katif was built on any home that used to belong to any Arab, the same for Hebron, and Amona.

The Left as a society are corrupt, dishonest, liars, and historical revisionists of the worst kind.

This state is no longer my state.

But No! I won’t leave this land. This was my land long before the disgusting Israeli conquered it. And understand this, there are two occupiers in my land; the Moslem on Jewish land, and the Israeli on Jewish land.

We need to conquer with force all the land occupied by Arabs, and deport (with sensitivity and feeling) the Arabs from here. We must cleanse the land of Arabs, exactly like the Israeli wants to do and does to the Jew.

I hope that soldiers refuse orders, and refuse to follow the orders of this temporary, interim government that has no right to exist.

Thousands of Arab homes in East Jerusalem are still standing – against the law, but 9 homes of Amona must be destroyed before elections.

This state must disentangle itself from its current secular, anti-Jewish framework. The faster, the better.

The only solution that will bring us security is the return to Jewish tradition, and the expulsion of all nations that see the destruction of a Jewish state as a viable and hoped for option.

We must deport and transfer the Arabs to any other Arab nation.

It can't be racist to suggest this, as both the Secular Israeli and Arabs see this as a perfectly healthy move when implemented against Jews.

And certainly, based on recent history, we don’t even need to compensate them, or even provide them with alternative housing.

Come election time, I plan to put a piece of toilet paper in the envelope – this toilet of a Knesset needs to be flushed.


JoeSettler said...

I think it is important to read this article:

Anonymous said...

Well, I hate to let a perfectly good piece of toilet paper go to waste....

Personally, I plan on putting into the balloting envelope a petek that says, "Bring Pollard home!"

Anonymous said...

I am not all that religious but I KNOW that this land belongs to the Jewish people! The great lie of the so-called 'palestinians' took root and flourished until everyone actually believed that such a people actually exists. But how to expose this lie I really don't know.

Anonymous said...

I probably don't have any right to comment but I beg you nonetheless to listen. Most of those same leftist fools still have a pintele yid. The best histadlut would surely be to put on your best Shabbat/simcha clothes and then go door to door in leftist neighborhoods and showing that your're not fiends but good decent people. Then vote and work for real political change. There really is no alternative. Empty posturing by destroying ballots etc. is useless. Don't destroy a system that can still work.

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