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Saturday, February 25, 2006
Mekor Rishon (in Hebrew) reveals that the major sources of funding for Peace Now's anti-Settler activities, (which runs in the millions of dollars) are none other than the Government Ministries and Embassies of foreign countries.
If you thought Peace Now’s activities were merely limited to domestic espionage for foreign interests, such as
reporting on Settler activity, hiring planes and sending aerial photographs of Jewish towns to foreign governments, then think again.

No, these foreign governments also fund Peace Now to run active campaigns against Jewish citizens, such as "educational" program against settlements, and bringing court cases to the Israeli Supreme Court against their fellow Jews.

While the article said it was mostly certain European countries that were supplying them with this massive funding, would you really be surprised to learn if Iran,
Hamas (seriously, click on this link if you are think I'm kidding), or Neo-Nazi organizations might also have some common interest in financially supporting Peace Now?

Perhaps we’ll learn more about these interesting doners to Peace Now’s Domestic Fifth Column and Espionage activities in the near future.

220,000 Sterling
($383,834 USD)

2,400,000 Krone
($32,472 USD)

50,000 Euro
($59,405 USD)

Holland, Canada, Germany (combined)
900,000 Euro
($1,069,290 USD)


Jerusalemcop said...

scary atuff.

is my enemies friend my enemy?????

Truth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Truth said...


Good work yet again, I think you're 'on a roll'...

Doesn't it make you wonder why those with more 'investigative resources' (such as the ability to drag someone off with a bag over their head for a 'conversation') don't do something about this (and that 'peace now' organisation I believe has been around since at least 1978, if not longer).

Furthermore, you might want to take a look at the 'Americans for Peace Now', here:

Note particularly, the 'efficiency', of $0.12 [which means out of every dollar some sucker gives them, twelve cents are actually used for anything but 'overhead'].

Also, note the CEO compensation - $200,638, which is 12.26% of total...

In any case, for further 'fun', one might want to look into the 'Peres Center for Peace'...


Anonymous said...

From the Peace Not website:

The Hamas political wing succeeded in gaining a majority of the seats in the parliament.
1. Peace Now respects the Palestinian people's democratic decision.

That's like saying that that Peace Now respects the German's decision to vote in Hitler. (or the Taliban, or Al-Quaida).

What other democratic decisions will Peace Not be respecting next?

JoeSettler said...

'Peace Not' - I like that, it's very accurate. I think I'll start to use it.

JoeSettler said...

The commentor took off this really funny comment he put on this morning, so I'm putting it back:

"darn. i hope they dont find out i'm a brooklyn-born fan of the bronx bombers "

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

Joe: why take off quality commentary:)


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