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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Rather strange.

A senior army officer (Central Command Chief Yair Naveh) apparently gave his assessment that King Abdullah will be Jordan’s last king. King Abdullah got all upset, and Mofaz has ordered an investigation against this officer and offered a clarification, retraction, and so on.

The Defense Ministry released a statement that "Israel considers Jordan a stable and solid state with a long tradition and a promising future."

Let’s examine a few things here.

First of all, as I recall it, the highest value they tried to cultivate into IDF officers is honesty.

Certainly if Naveh was giving his honest assessment of the situation, I am not sure why he needs to apologize or be investigated. Because he said something everyone already knows but prefers not to talk about?

Does someone really think his statement will destabilize Jordan's dictatorship?

Second, Jordan is a dictatorship, stable or otherwise, its people are not living in a democracy.

Is that what Israel believes in and supports? Stable dictatorships?
I thought that went out of fashion with Saddam.

Third, Abdullah may very well be Jordan’s last King, but whether he is or not is irrelevant.

Abdullah’s heir apparent is half-Palestinian, and somewhere between 66% to 75% (Naveh says 80%) of his kingdom is Palestinian (and growing). It is only a matter of time when the Palestinian majority eventually takes over and we will have yet another Palestinian state as our next door neighbor – whether by democracy, demography, inheritance, or revolution.

So let’s get real.

Bye-bye Abdullah.


hashfanatic said...

Well, Jordan may indeed be a dictatorship. In fact, I'm willing to concede that I believe it is.

But so are the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, with far more human rights violations, and a desire to destroy the West.

Do the chareidim or the Kahanists DARE to denounce them as well? Or do they take the money silently, in obeisance of the directives of both the Wahhabist Muslim leaders and the Bush Crime Family, who operation in conjunction with real terrorism?

Or is Jordan just a super-handy state to bash, because it happens to be next door, and because the vast majority of Jordanians don't even pretend not to despise the Jews?

JoeSettler said...

You'll have to ask a Chareidi or Kahanist.

To me, your question sounds suspiciously similar to those typical leftist statements that we’ve been hearing so often lately...

"Only I, a Leftist, can actually care about Human Rights and the Rule of Law.
If you, a Right-winger, claims it concerns you, then that is only because of self-interest, and it certainly isn’t a genuine concern and belief, like mine.”

Of course, the typical left-wingers that make that statement are generally predisposed to neglect the applicability of the Rule of Law and Human Rights when a Right-winger (particularly a religious-settler) is the target. So much for their claim.

I don’t know of any Chareidim or Kahanist who take money from Saudi Arabia or the UAE. I also don’t know what directives you think they are following.

Perhaps you put too much something in your pipe before you posted your comment?

Since only around 20% of the population in Jordan are Jordanians (and the rest identify themselves first as Palestinians), a vast majority of Jordanians that don’t hate Jews would be a grand total of say 12% of the population living in Jordan. That’s around 700,000 people out of 5,750,000.

Why aren’t you concerned about the lack of democracy in the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, the UAE, Syria, and yes, even Jordan?

Why aren’t you demanding it?

Here’s one real answer.
As an Israeli Leftist you like to see a strong patriarchal leaders in charge.

Someone like Sharon, Hussein, or Rabin who don’t give a damn for the laws and democracy, but instead gets the job (you want) done.
It makes you feel safe when an autocrat has the reigns, things are familiar. It’s a substitute father figure you can look up to for stability and removing the fear of the unknown and vagaries of freedom and democratic rule.

And here’s another reason.
Other people’s freedom doesn’t really matter to you.
That a Palestinian state can be democratically established in Jordan right now, and all the Palestinians will have a recognized outlet for their nationalistic needs is irrelevant.

That the people of Egypt, Jordan and Iran could be free means nothing to you.

You are only concerned that not having a dictator next door means instability.

Open your eyes and blow away the smoke.

What do you think we’ve got now?

JoeSettler said...

You may concede it is a dictatorship?

Let's see. They have an unelected leader (King) who runs the country and overtly guides his parliment.

His elected parliment can be disbanded at the king's will and new elections called any time the Parliment tries to do something that displeases the King.

Wait! The Jordanian king has disbanded his parliment around 8 times in the past 20 years when they dared to think about going against his will.

I'd say that qualifies as a dictatorship. Wouldn't you?

Truth said...

I'd dare to say that the little b*tche's midget father (who was the grandson of Abdullah, a Saudi, installed in 'Jordan' by the British), 'king' hussein, was quite the 'good-guy' when he massacred about 2,000 [at least] of his 'palestinian subjects' when they made a demonstration to protest against raising the price of bread...


Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

and u may have added "and good ridance to the bastard" as a competent ending to your post;)

As usual the lefty shows up...well I hope he takes Abdullah's slippery slope road and ends up livin in a "palestinian" state. After all, that's all he's good for!

Be'tikva, Eitan.

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