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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
It's disturbing to realize that the average Israeli does not really know/care what is going on in our war with Gaza.

Rotter and Arutz-7 are discussing (and showing with pictures) the Kassam rocket that land inside the Ashkelon power plant (just next to the fuel tanks) last week.

Meanwhile the mainstream
Israeli media merely describe the attacks as hits near the south of Ashkelon and the Ashkelon Industrial Zone.

So while the Gazans are attempting a mega-terrorist strike, our leftist media (and government) are downplaying to the general public the seriousness of what's actually going on .

Does the average Israeli even realize how many times the Arabs have come close to hitting a fuel tank with their rockets?

I reported on a previous attempt
here which was also completely downplayed by the Israeli media.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

If you dumb down enough people, they may think more disengagements are a good thing.


hashfanatic said...

That's simply because none of this seems particularly noteworthy or remarkable lately to us.

Nothing has changed. The same trigger mechanisms that inspire the terrorism in the first place are still there.

If anything, what is surprising is YOUR perception that this is all unusual or unexpected.

Truth said...

Ma'ariv reports that due to the 'difficult scenes' from Amonah, desecration/destruction/eviction from three other 'outposts' has been delayed until after the "elections"...

So much for the uselessness of the bootlicking ways of Yeshuz Kounsil and their pervert 'sages'...


Anonymous said...

That's why Feiglin said, when confronted with this apathy on the part of some Jews living in Eretz Yisroel, "some won't wake up until reality blows up in their faces." I'm sure that he meant it literally as well. But we'll probably see, again, in a big way, how distinct is the portrayal in "Israeli" media from reality, in the coming elections.


JoeSettler said...

Personally, I am always surprised by how complacent, passive, apathetic, and afraid Israelis are in the face of events that they could easily prevent, change or control.

I am always surprised by Israelis thinking that high taxes (and super high taxes on cars) are normal, acceptable, immutable, unassailable, or even (gasp!) necessary.

I am always surprised by Israelis accepting openly biased information from their limited media sources.

I am always surprised by Israelis accepting so much government interference in their lives at nearly every level.

I am always surprised, because even though I already expect this submissiveness, I always hope for a (even temporary) change in the Israeli psyche at some point – at some point they will say enough is enough and stop letting themselves be led around by the nose.

At least one group is no longer apathetic, passive and compliant.

Truth said...


My point, exactly... ken yirbu


Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Well, one little detail Joe is leaving behind: Israelis also have a very short-term memory. After being warned over and over that giving Gush Katif to the Arabs was going to give a 70% electoral victory to Hamas (my own words, for well over a year before the accurse Disengagement!), they were suddenly surprized of the Arabs electoral results.

I have also warned about rockets hiting not Ashkelon, but Tel Aviv. Do you think they'll remember when it hits them?!

"No man is more blind than he who does not wish to see".

Anonymous said...

The photos have been removed. This means that your site is probably the only site that they haven't gotten to - yet. Could be today's (Friday) hits had something to do with it.

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