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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Israeli polls are famous for telling us that Shimon Peres is the Prime Minister. It's no joke, the polls here are not so much off by a few percentage points, as they are completely off in the wrong direction.

In another poll which bucks the Israeli mainstream, we see a potentially different picture from what the Israeli media keeps shoving down our throats.

We see Kadima not necessarily with 40 seats. Nor do we see Israeli voters in favor of more disengagements.

From conversations with certain friends, the feeling is that Kadima is going to max out at just 25 seats. Still not good, but certainly better than 40+. Where the other votes will go remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, so many people have (perhaps rightfully) given up on this political system that they don't intend to vote, or alternatively (and quite a number of people have actually said this ) plan to put a piece of toilet paper in the envelope.

I hope not, because the game isn't over yet.


JoeSettler said...

We are beginning to hear about cracks in the Kadima facade. A sure sign of three things:

1. Kadima insiders know they're dropping in their polls.

2. After Amona, disengagement isn't so tasty a dish anymore.

3. There is very little common philosphy (besides the Machiavellian ) that binds the Kadima party member

westbankmama said...

Joe- I understand why people are disgusted and don't want to vote, but I think it is a waste if they don't. Hashem always wants us to do our share of "hishtadlus", even if it seems hopeless.

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