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Friday, February 17, 2006
Last time I posted how Minister Ezra plans to examine websites for whatever he (liberally) deems as "incitement" (by the right).

And speaking of incitement, I recommend you read where Jameel asks, “Who gains from the mosque graffiti?”

Today, we return to those dark days of the left-wing’s incitement campaign against the right, as 3 right-wing protesters holding signs and handing out flyers were arrested… for so-called “incitement”. Gasp.

Certain people (who we won't name) are terrified of the concept of a Chareidi or Jewish government.

Yet every time the leftwing philosophies take over this country’s leadership, what happens?

Terrorists are given guns, terrorists are let out of jail, and terrorism rises.

And then Jews get kicked out of their homes, the Rule of Law is (blatantly) subjectively applied, and of course, the Freedom of Speech is revoked for political (right-wing) dissidents.

I can’t forget to mention how administrative detentions and recurring house arrests are used against “right-wingers” for months at a time and then suddenly all secret charges are (automatically?) dropped only for the poor victim to be charged again a few days later with (new?) secret charges which of course he still can’t defend against because he doesn't know what he is charged with.

Occasionally, they will put a right-winger in house arrest, tell him to go to court, and then arrest him for breaking his house arrest (I’m not making this up, you simply can’t make this stuff up).

I find the actual consequences of a leftwing government a far more frightening prospect than the mere thought of a Jewish government.


Jerusalemcop said...

guess everyone is too scared to respond. they might get picked up by Ezra and his henchmen


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