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Monday, February 20, 2006
In case you aren't following the news, the next wave in the War for Eretz Yisrael has begun.
Just some attacks and events that are taking place in this new wave:
  • Multiple mega-terror attempts on the Ashkelon power plant every day. (Which will also shut off their own electricity besides nearly half of Israel!)
  • Many random stabbings, but in locations that were hardly ever hit before. (I think they are also enlisting secular Israeli club-goers for assistance.)
  • More attempted suicide bombers. (And many attempts from Bethlehem - which is relatively new, as Bethlehemers used to only shoot mortars and guns.)
  • Many attempts to breach the Gaza Fence. (Even if it is just to shoot across it.)
  • Attacks at the Gaza Crossings. (Which the Arab workers and PA officials know about in advance, but Israel still refuses to close it down.)
  • Molatov Cocktails on the road. (Old news, but increasing.)
  • And of course there has been the offical PA release of the terrorists formerly locked up in Jericho.
But not to worry, the average Israeli will get scared for a while as the new wave escalates, and as always, he’ll get used to the new levels of violence and consider them normal.

Will you do the same?


Anonymous said...

You forgot their riots all over the west bank, because Mohamed was a pig... or so I read.

Anonymous said...

As you point out, hitting the power station in Ashkelon would not only cut off electricity to large swaths of Little Israel, but also cut it off from 'Aza as well. Isn't that a rather 'Amalekian trait? "Never mind that we will get scalded in the process. The important thing is to attack Israel!" (to paraphrase Rashi's analogy).

JoeSettler said...

And along that line, a Hamas website calls for the nuclear destruction of Israel (what exactly do they think will happen to them when the bombs go off?).

Fatah prisoners protesting in a PA jail set fire to their cells obviously injuring themselves in the process.

And yet another suicide bomber was caught on the way to an attack in Jerusalem the otehr day.

I thinks its time the Palestinians collected their collective Darwin Award and went on their merry (evolutionary dead end) way.

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