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Sunday, September 07, 2008
For us settlers the name Yossi Fuchs is a familiar one.

He has now introduced a wonderful new program. While the government is busy trying to find ways to dry up the settlements and save their seats with the latest Etrog initiative, Attorney Fuchs has created a solution that kills two birds with one stone .

As everyone knows, homes in Yesh(a) are in high demand. There are far more people that want to move in than are being built. And when new homes are built, they are snatched up.

While the government is trying to pass a law for people like Benny Raz (who rumor has it, is a renter, but I doubt that), Yossi Fuchs has introduced a program to outbid the government.

It is called quite simply, Buy a Home in Yesha.

The program would take any person that has offered to sell his house to the government and leave, and outbid the government and buy it from them. The new owner would then rent it out to any of the many people that are fighting to move into a settlement.

What a wonderful plan. JoeSettler fully supports it.


Tr8erGirl said...

Wish I could!!!

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