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Saturday, September 13, 2008
The news tonight isn't that Palestinian terrorists came into a the settlement of Shalhevet (outside of Yitzhar), burned down a building and stabbed and tried to kill a 9 year Jewish boy (descibed in the news as a "settler").

No, the news is that the residents of Yitzhar retaliated and put back some fear of the Jews back into the Arabs.

By the way, the father of the boy who was stabbed was not present to protect his son, because he was one of the local residents the army banished from their homes for no valid or legal reason whatsoever.

Peace Now's response was "the settlers don't miss any opportunity to cause harm to Palestinians and endanger human lives."

One can't expect much more from a foreign-funded fifth-column like Peace Now.

In other news, 2 armed Palestinian Policemen (policemen by day at least) were arrested after they infiltrated into the Jewish area of Hebron. They were subsequently released by the army, after Palestinians rioted against troops in Hebron.


Leah Goodman said...

My great-grandmother had an expression she used when her grandchildren would tattle
"he hit me back first."

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