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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was just interviewed on Channel 2 Israel TV News.

He was questioned about the US financial crisis and what would he do if he were Prime Minister or Finance Minister.

Bibi's response:

1. Ensure that the Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer quickly examines what the state of Israel's banks are, and their exposure to the US financial crisis, in order to reassure and instill confidence in Israel's banking industry. This is being done already, as Fischer is meeting with all the heads of the banks tomorrow morning.

2. Lower taxes for both citizens and corporations.

3. Improve and invest in Israel's infrastructures and free up land for infrastructure investments, to encourage foreign investment in Israel.

The interviewer then asked about politics, and here comes the line.

Bibi was asked, "Tomorrow is Kadima's primaries, assuming you get a call to join an emergency unity government the day afterwords, what do you say?

Bibi replies, "There is no way I would join."

The interviewer queried, "Why not? This is for an issue of national importance. Why not?"

Bibi responded with this amazing line, "Asking me to join a government led by Kadima, is like asking me to join the board of directors of Lehman Brothers. Just like Lehman Brothers went bankrupt so has Kadima, which hasn't succeeded in anything, in any field."

As transcribed by Jameel in the field (on his way home from work).


Anonymous said...

Great line.

But of course the problem with Bibi is that although he talks the talk he doesn't walk the walk...

Pesky Settler said...

Gonna link this.

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