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Saturday, September 13, 2008
Does the name Seth Freedman mean anything to you? Probably not, because he’s not all that important, just another blogger who writes all sorts of articles that bash Israel. Also not a big deal because people like that are a dime a dozen.

I only heard of him recently, and that is because of the apparent hypocrisy surrounding him, not his worldview.

You see, someone else (Edwin Bennatan) wrote in the Jerusalem Post’s “Point/Counterpoint” section a scathing (and seemingly accurate critique) of a Freedman post.

The problem is the post is no longer there.

But you can still find it here in the cache. (I was just told that it can be seen the original article can be seen on this article -beat me to the punch they did).

And even with that article, I would never have heard of him if the Post hadn’t put up this on the page where the article was:
The Jerusalem Post would like to apologize to Seth Freedman for certain comments that appeared on our site following a September 1 blog entry written by Edwin Bennatan that were defamatory, threatening, and inappropriate.

The Jerusalem Post apologizes for any distress caused to Mr. Freedman, expresses its sincere regret that such a situation was allowed to occur, and will endeavour to prevent any recurrence.

A donation will be made by the Jerusalem Post to a charity of Mr Freedman's choice.


The JPost took down an entire article because of a comment(s) someone left in the talkbacks!

The JPost made the mistake of allowing some comment through (not the article, a comment) .

I can’t imagine for a second the JP would have done something as extreme as taking down an entire article in response to an errant comment (and offered an apology), unless there was some sort of (legal?) pressure from the aggrieved party.

What a hypocrite (if true).

This guy cries freedom of speech, “we should not allow a situation where plainly-spoken facts are dismissed simply because the reader or viewer feels uncomfortable with the truth.” but it is amazing to what extent he was apparently prepared to go to remove any truth that he is uncomfortable with from the JP.

And while I understand the JP made a technical mistake here allowing the comment through (though I would love to see it, to determine for myself how bad it really was), I think they went overboard removing the article and giving money to a charity of this guy’s choice.

What if he chooses a Hamas-affiliated charity?


Anonymous said...

Is the right word here 'threat', 'extortion', or 'blackmail'?

Anonymous said...

I am amazed, staggered, and astounded that such an august publication as the Jerusalem Post would not be able to defend themselves and their moderation policies without recourse to embarrassing climbdowns as witnessed this weekend. One wonders whether there are not darker elements afoot. I have heard (and this is merely hearsay, mind), that Freedman and his allies have friends right at the top; possibly of a Masonic bent, if you understand what I mean. If there's anything at all I can do to help, please, please let me know. Never look an owl in the eye.

Anonymous said...

loni, I honestly don't understand what you are trying to say in the second half of your comment, but I agree with the first.

YMedad said...

I've blogged it. Good work

Your Correspondent said...

For some reason Freedman is a Hamas propagandist.

Nevertheless, some of his facts may be true. Somebody ought to research the situations he describes and let us know what is going on.

We should not assume that we are incapable of error, nor the opposite.

The ongoing conflict in the West Bank is not well covered by the English language media, so the only thing people see is Freedman type propaganda.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, the whole story is somewhat stinky. JP wold do good offering some kind of explanation. Or a hint.

Lonislach - check out the comments on our place. You may be surprised.

And I love that Masonic angle ;-)

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