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Thursday, September 25, 2008
In case you missed it, besides the BMW attack last night, yesterday there was also another attempted run over attack (and an attempted stabbing, and a variety of other incidents).

Right after the second bulldozer attack, I found myself in Har Homa, of all places.

I'm standing in the street busy getting things out of our parked car, when I noticed from the corner of my eye a bulldozer driving down the street towards us.

As the bulldozer approached us a few car lengths away, my wife said something wasn't right, and I decided that maybe I want to be paying more attention to it.

It was at that point I noticed what my wife saw. The Arab driver had a really angry expression on his face and was staring at me quite hard. In fact he didn't take his eyes off me for a second.

What was going on in his mind, I don't know, but it didn't look good from where I was standing.

So I turned around, faced him, very clearly put my hand on my gun, and pulled it out enough so he saw what was going to happen next if he tried anything.

He drove past, but his eyes were not on the road the entire time.

My wife who was watching from the side is sure I averted a terrorist attack.

(Lurker: I have no connection that I know of to David Shapira).


Anonymous said...

"My sure I diverted a terrorist attack."

I'm trying to figure out if you intentionally used "diverted" as apposed to "averted" (or prevented)

Lady-Light said...

I am beginning to think that every Israeli citizen living in Jerusalem should be trained in using a firearm and should be packing. At least, up until transfer is completed...

Anonymous said...

It's never good to post when you are tired.

But since he didn't attack anyone else, I guess I did avert it as opposed diverting it.

Anonymous said...

Kol hakavod to you

You the proper waaseman that Am Yisroel needs

If your wife says it, then it's al ha kav as far as i'm concerned

East Side beating through your miya miya mind.

Yasher Koach, ma jibalaywiyal

Lurker said...

(Lurker: I have no connection that I know of to David Shapira).

Aha! That's why the pigua didn't actually happen.

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