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Friday, September 05, 2008
The Khazars disappeared a while back, though one of my neighbors claims to be a descendant (really! you don't look like a Khazar). What makes them interesting, besides their mention in the Kuzari as a literary device, is that they actually existed and converted as a nation to Judaism.

Anyway, their ancient capital in Southern Russia has been uncovered (actually it was uncovered 9 years ago, but it was finally confirmed that this is it).

At some point, these converts to Judaism controlled large swaths of Russia. That's pretty cool.

For some reason anti-Semites love the Khazars. Just by putting this post up, I expect a lot of idiotic comments I will simply erase.



Anonymous said...

"For some reason anti-Semites love the Khazars."

easy to understand. by claiming that modern jews are descended from khazars rather than ancient jews, they can say that israel is not really our land so we have no claim to it.

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