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Sunday, September 21, 2008
An IDF soldier on duty Saturday morning spotted a Palestinian terrorist about to throw a firebomb into the town of Yitzhar. (It appears from the thermal videos that it blew up unexpectedly, very soon after he actually lit it).

The IDF soldier displayed a proper and healthy reaction upon spotting the terrorist. He immediately shot and killed him.

The terrorist was from the terrorist-supporting village of Assira al-Kubliyeh, the village where last week's terrorist ran to for succor and safety.

Terrorism runs in that family it would appear, as the brother of today's terrorist was killed by the IDF in 2002 after attempting to murder 4 soldiers (and succeeding in injuring them). That terrorist was put down in that incident also.


Leah Goodman said...

how can you say he was a terrorist. He was probably just an innocent farmer taking his pet firebomb out for a walk!

Leah Goodman said...

(those are supposed to be tags)

Jerusalemcop said...


Jews with guns are dangerous.

The Palestinian was probably upset that the smoke from the burning houses in Yizhar bothered him and his family


Anonymous said...

What this soldier did was terrible.

How could he go ahead and kill this poor innocent palestinian just for lighting a firebomb?
Completely disproportionate response.

In fact, the poor guy was probably lost and lit the fire so rescuers can find him...

On a more serious note, yasher koach to this soldier, mimeno yir'u v'chein ya'asu.

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