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Thursday, September 25, 2008
Kadima probably deserves the award for the most corrupt party in the history of Israeli politics. It was born in sin, its leaders aren’t known for their honesty or integrity, many that jumped ship were under criminal investigations, so it comes as no surprise to what extent that corruption has extended into the Kadima primaries.

I do find it amusing that Mofaz waffles even more than Obama. Here’s a guy who said he wouldn’t leave the Likud, until he did, and then after he lost the primaries this time he said he’s leaving politics, but now it is just a week vacation for Rosh Hashana.

Anyway, back to Kadima corruption.

It seems that the corruption at the ballot boxes was worse than anyone imagined at first.

It turns out that there were “discrepancies” at 71 of the 115 polling stations.

And not little things either.

Discrepancies that include nothing less than ballot stuffing so severe it can’t be brushed under the carpet.

Discrepancies where the boxes had more votes in them than there were members who were registered to vote in that station (forget about more votes than the number of people who even showed up to vote there). And remember, Livni won by just a few votes.

People used to joke about Chareidim overseas mailing over their T”Zs so their neighbor who looked like them can vote for them. Forget the Chareidim, the members of Kadima blow that shtick out of the water.

And of course stuff was even caught on film. The TV showed polling stations where people were actually directing other people how to vote (particularly where Livni won by a landslide)!

The internal Kadima court does not think these infractions to be serious enough to demand a new primary, to discount those voting stations, or even guarantee a recount - of course they don’t, they are members of Kadima, the most corrupt party in Israeli history.

The police and State Comptroller may now need to be look into it.

So remember, Tzipi Livni is now (currently) the head of Kadima, the most corrupt party in the history of Israeli politics, whose victory is apparently the result of a really corrupt voting process.

Nothing's changed.


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