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Sunday, September 21, 2008
Forget Chelm, the shenanigans of the Government in Israel is like one of those bad soap operas on TV.

In this episdoe, will Olmert does quit today, leaving Livni to face the "challenge" of rebuilding her coalition?

Will Livni then be able to bribe Shas sufficiently to keep them in the coalition? Or will she trade in one set of court Jews for another?

Meanwhile UTJ have announced their readiness to replace Shas's close position to the feeding trough. Their price is cheaper, but are they bringing enough to the table?

Perhaps not a problem as Ultra-Left Meretz is a serious contender for coalition parner in Livni's eyes. Watch as her father rolls in his grave as he finds out.

Watch as Meretz and UTJ sit together for a meal, pass that cheeseburger.

Does Barak think that keeping Labor in the government longer will actually give him a better chance in the next election?

Find out all the answers in this week's installment of "The Last Days of our State".


Pesky Settler said...

All that's missing is the coma patient..

Oh wait, we have that too.

Anonymous said...

What a line!

But in the soap operas the coma patient usually wakes up at some point!

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