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Saturday, June 07, 2008
Wow! It was an exciting Shabbat in Chashmonaim (not that I was there). First the emergency beepers go off during davening, and finally the Kitat Konniut members actually get told to carry their weapons with their magazines. The local Arabs decided to escalate their protests and this time extended it to within the boundaries of the town along with their sling shots.


Anonymous said...

hi joe,

yes, you should have been here! if you ever wanna come for shabbat, just ask.

these demonstrations/riots have been going on for a few weeks, and are getting worse. but of course, the army response is cowardly and undignified of a protecting force, so things will continue like this for a long time.

sadly, when the army shoots their pathetic tear gas cannisters, the gas is often blown into the faces and homes of our residents, who have no one to turn to with complaints, as usual.

my mom, a 25-year resident of israel, once said that when the first person threw the first rock in the first intifada they should have had their head blown clean off and shown on cnn - today there would still be the peaceful coexistence we all remember from those days.

in other words, learn from mistakes and nip it in the bud.

chag sameach!

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