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Saturday, June 07, 2008
Now that it was disclosed that Shalom Achshav is an illegal organization that committed tax fraud on a massive level, they have decided to outsource their "legal" attacks on the Jewish communities. The leftist that ran the campaigns for Peace Now is now using 2 other organizations (Yesh Din and B'Tslem) to front his attacks.

So as usual they ran to the High Court (which in of itself is interesting, because when you think about it, they really need to go to the police to open a criminal investigation for land theft, and if the police find wrongdoings, then it would go to a standard court).

And while the residents of Ofra have all the documented proof that the land of Ofra was legally purchased and is theirs, the High Court tends to ignore any documentation as they lean to the extreme left when it comes to these attacks (even though it probably shouldn't be in their purview at all).

Anyway, I haven't check it out yet, but we know that foreign governments are significant donors to Shalom Achshav. I wonder what foreign sources are supporting Yesh Din and B'Tselem - and personally question if as a result they should allowed any standing in the courts as they seem to be acting as a foreign government's local representatives.

Further reading: Makor Rishon


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