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Sunday, June 29, 2008
While everyone talks about the upcoming exchange of live terrorists and mass murderers in exchange for the bodies of our kidnapped soldiers isn't it time we changed the focus of the discussion?

For 2 years we've known nothing about our kidnapped soldiers and they are presumed dead.

If these are to be the rules of the game, then this should be the rule for all.

It's time that we stopped letting terrorists have visitors, be they family or the Red Cross. In fact no "signs of life" should be released at all regarding their condition. Perhaps going as far as denying we even have them.

If our soldiers are returned dead, then so should the terrorists we are exchanging for them, even if they are alive now.

And if we don't have enough terrorists to exchange, then a Sayeret Matkal unit should be sent in to retrieve some high ranking ones.

It's about time that Israel acknowledged and accepted that we must play by the rules of the neighborhood surrounding us.

Otherwise this cycle of Kidnap and Release will never end.


Unknown said...

This 'deal' is most outrageous.It goes against Jewish law.It brings on further kidnappings.It gives no goodreason to keep the kidnapped soldiers alive.
We have NO MEN in our government.

Anonymous said...

What Joe said.

And what Josh said.

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