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Sunday, June 29, 2008
“We don’t expect 100% success, just 100% effort.”

Remember that line? We used to hear it a lot when Arafat was around. The government used to excuse the attacks coming from PA occupied territory with that line.

In hindsight, except for the most diehard leftwing fanatics, we all know now (what the Right knew even then), was that Arafat and the PA were behind those attacks, outsourcing them to “splinter groups” and the like in order to maintain a not so credible deniability.

So while the Israeli government purposely lied to itself (and to the People of Israel), Arafat was handing envelopes of cash (sound familiar) to his surrogate terrorists and their families who were "keeping up the struggle".

And the Israeli government has to support that fiction. The entire legitimacy of their “Peace Process” demanded it of them. And Arafat knew that oh so well.

And now we’re back there yet again.

The government needs to maintain the fiction of the latest truce so that it doesn’t need to commit to the military option.

While Hamas has no plans to really stop the attack on Israel – that is its raison d’être, after all.

So one side of Hamas’s mouth says that the Kassam attacks are bad for the Palestinians at this specific moment and they should stop, the other side of the same mouth says that Hamas has no intention of being the Israeli police force and stopping the "independent" rocket launches.

And so the rockets continue to fall, and so Israel continues to not respond.

Shimon Peres may not want to learn from history, but even the Israelis with the shortest of memories must remember that we in this same exact game not so long before.

Save us from ourselves.

Postscript: Israel is actually transferring funds to Hamas in Gaza. Israel claims it is transferring funds to the PA in Gaza, but there is not PA in Gaza, only Hamas. Another useful fiction.


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