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Thursday, June 26, 2008
I still haven’t weighed in recently on the conversion issue.

But there has been some discussions lately about the Messianics, and if they should be allowed entry and citizenship as Jews or not.

Interesting problem.

There is no question that the Jewish citizens of Israel must be protected from their propaganda and missionizing.

I think one of the primary flaws of the Law of Return was that it didn’t properly answer the issue it was trying to address.

The mistake was in not creating two tiers for entry into Israel.

1) Automatic Citizenship based on Halachically defined Jewishness
2) Automatic Refugee Entry for those persecuted because of a Jewish familial connection.

It wouldn’t resolve the Messianics question, but I suspect it would have changed the demographics of who was let in, and who ended up staying from the former USSR. Certainly the neo-Nazis with their questionably Jewish relative in their history wouldn’t be walking around the Holy Land today if the law was properly written. And we wouldn't have supposedly Jewish IDF soldiers asking to swear in on New Testaments.


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