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Thursday, June 19, 2008
For years, Egypt has been looking for ways to bypass the armistice peace treaty and brings it troops across the Sinai and amass them directly on Israel's border.

It looks like they’ve managed to do it one better.

This corrupt, idiotic Israeli government is talking about bring a “multinational Arab force” into Gaza, based on the recommendations of the Egyptians.

This translates into massive Egyptian troops stationed within the Land of Israel, their wildest dreams come true.

If that doesn’t sound so bad to you, then consider that every major training exercise the Egyptian army undertakes (with US supplied weaponry) is pretty much with an unnamed enemy that happens to have the same GPS locations as the State of Israel. Unlike Israel, they’re prepared to fight on that front.

But let’s forget for a moment about stationing Syrian or Lebanonese (read Hezbollah) troops on two fronts. Just imagine how much this is going to restrict, if not eliminate, Israel’s ability to respond. The IDF simply couldn’t take the chance of hitting a Jordanian soldier.

All I can say is that this shows Olmert really cares. He simply doesn’t want the enemy Arab armies to have to traipse across the desert to reach our borders. He’s inviting them inside.


Unknown said...

As usual right to the correct point.
What a country?Where is the outcry?Is everyone still intimidated by the Gush Gerush.

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