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Monday, June 30, 2008
I made a tough decision today. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

MS Internet Explorer has been annoying me for a variety of reasons as of late. While I like its interface, its performance was awful. I decided to switch to Explorer 8 Beta to see if it worked better, but it most definitely did not, so I switched back to IE7 and that's when the freezing started.

What causes it, I don't know, but some part of the IE8 uninstall screwed things up, so IE7 now freezes on a regular basis.

I didn't want to move to Firefox, because while FF seems to perform better, it's interface was annoying.

But today I downloaded FireFox 3. The visual improvements are minor, but those minor improvements are significant for the overall experience.

My Bookmarks didn't migrate well, but I'll eventually fix that manually.

In the meantime we'll see how this migration goes.


Anonymous said...

get the "adblock" extension.

you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Unknown said...

You are talking a foreign language unknown to many of us.

Anonymous said...

Why would I want to block ads (other than pop-ups)?

When I'm visiting a site and (hopefully) gaining something from it, it's nice to let the site owner make some money for all his effort.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've finally seen the light.

I'm looking forward to the "how did I ever live without it" post.

Anonymous said...

renegade: Won't happen.

I like that Firefox allows for incremental loading of the pages, a big problem in IE which waits until all the data is available.

But the old interface wasn't very esthetically or UI pleasing, so I would never have switched to it before this version.

But FireFox doesn't display pages properly all the time. Look at the JoeSettler page in IE and Firefox. There are a bunch of mistakes in the way it gets displayed in Firefox that aren't there in IE.

Anonymous said...

"Why would I want to block ads (other than pop-ups)?"

1. pages load much faster when all the unwanted flash animations and stuff are turned off. very often the ads are larger and take longer to download than the page itself.

2. inappropriate pictures online, unless you are looking for them on purpose, generally come as part of advertisements.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but that's why I put WebAds ads on my site. The ads are always interesting, relevant, and never inappropriate. Everyone should use them in my opinion.

And in Firefox with its incremental loading, it doesn't matter how long any ad or picture takes to load, as the page loads when the respective server serves the information.

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