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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
The residents of the Negev have decided to unilaterally "break away" from the State of Israel in protest of the State's complete abandonment of them to enemy attacks.

Their first steps include a tax strike. They plan to soon issue ID cards.

My recommendation is they form an army.


Anonymous said...

So should I use my Israeli or US passport to visit WNS?

Just wonderin'....

Anonymous said...

(What?! A reader!)

That's actually pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

(Actually, I read you regularly. I just don't often have something intelligent to contribute off the cuff. So every now and then I make some not-so-intelligent comment, just to let you know I'm here.)

Lady-Light said...

You have another reader; REJOICE! (Not only that, but you're on my blogroll. Where the heck am I, huh?!)
Ok, this post of yours really hit me; is this the start of the Israeli "civil war" people are hinting about? Cessesion. With ID cards. And you're suggesting an army. Let's first try to get Moshe Feiglin in as PM. Then, if that doesn't work...!

Tr8erGirl said...

For the record....I also read regularly, and Ive blogrolled you!

Anonymous said...

tr8ergirl: What exactly is your blog about?

Tr8erGirl said...

Stock trading, which is my job, and other random stuff.

Anonymous said...

This won't be the first time Yehuda (south) broke away from Israel (north).

Remember how the north of Israel was then invaded and our brothers and sisters were carted away!

I hope this won't turn into 'divide and conquer' cv"s.

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