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Sunday, November 26, 2006
At 6:00 AM Olmert surrendered to Hamas terrorism this morning. 75 minutes later, in continuation of their usual game of “Who me?”, Arab terrorists in Hamas occupied territories fired a Kassam missile into Liberated Israel.

Thus transforming Olmert’s shameful and dangerous surrender to terrorism into an unconditional (shameful and dangerous) surrender to terrorism.

They also shot three missiles just minutes before the Olmert surrendered.

What’s interesting is how the Israeli government keeps surrendering. Starting with Rabin, then Barak, then Netanyahu, then Sharon, and now Olmert.

Was Arafat (and now Abbas and Hamas) really wrong then in not accepting another Arab state on a silver platter (as everyone says)?

The answer would appear to be an unequivocal no, he and they were not wrong.

We’ve all talked about how the Arabs keep missing opportunities, but the reality is that they’ve simply had more patience and a longer outlook than the Left-leaning Israeli.

Before, when the Israeli Left capitulated they felt magnanimous and superior. The Left were doing the Arabs a favor (while punishing the religious and the settlers – a double bonus).

But the Arabs have their own plans.

Yes, they want a State, but they want the whole one (Jew free except for Adam Shapiro, Amira Hass, and Tali Fahita). So they waited. They attacked. They harassed. In the end they got nearly the same regions Israel first offered them, but with absolutely no strings attached, and for a price that they consider free.

But they got even more. They wore the Left down.

They pushed the Left into a place where all the Left can say is “take, take, take”. But to add insult to injury the Arabs still say “no”, because they want it all, and know with their tactics they will get it.

Olmert is considering bringing in Ehud Barach as his replacement Defense Minister. The man is a genius in one thing – running away. This past Lebanon war was possible, only because he turned tail.

So now, the missile tempo from Gaza may slow down, but it will be just like in the North. The terrorists are rearming, repositioning, retrenching, and bringing in better, more advanced, and more daunting technology to attack us, while the border communities wait for the inevitable barrage that will destroy their lives once again.

And Olmert and Co. will congratulate themselves, perhaps give a few undeserved promotions, and begin to discuss how to dismantle more Jewish communities to now surrender the biblical heartland of Israel.

This will be as terrorist attacks from the Arabs in Judea and Samaria reach unprecedented levels.

Moshe Feiglin wrote this weekend that the only response to this government is laughter at the level of ludicrousness and absurdity it has reached. Laughter has brought down bigger and more corrupt governments than Israel’s. He believes it signals their end.

That’s very Breslevian of him. I wish he was right, but I (respectfully) disagree. I hardly see anyone making jokes of these jokers.

Feiglin has a new (moderated) blog. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

I posted about this as well Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me

tafka PP said...

Dear G-d, and Steven Plaut has a blog too.

bar_kochba132 said...

Let's face it..WE LET THEM DO THESE THINGS TO US. A few years ago the French gov't raised the tax on diesel gasoline. THE TRUCK DRIVERS SHUT THE COUNTRY DOWN. The gov't backed down. Recently, the gov't tried to make some mild reforms of labor laws. SAME THING...THERE WERE MASS DEMONSTRATIONS in Paris. The gov't again backed down.
During the struggle for Gush Katif, one of the senior members of the Gush Emunim settlment movement told me "its not nice to block roads, people won't like it"
WHAT A FOOL! Because of that imbecilic attitude, we lost Gush Katif and now the ENTIRE STATE IS ENDANGERED. This guy is willing to go into uniform and fight in the ("holy", in his view) army, but he won't block roads to save the Jewish people. These people have been brainwashed for years to have a preposterous love of the corrupt state apparatus and with the inane idea "there is no such thing as a bad Jew" (particularly if he ever wore a ZAHAL uniform or is a gov't minister). We have it in our power to bring this post-Zionist gang that is destroying Israel down by means of passive resistance. But it is going to take a revolution of the mind first.

bar_kochba132 said...

I forgot to add the following:

It is vital that everyone who is interested in a blog like this should get Nonie Darwish's new book: "Now They Call Me Infidel".
She is an Egyptian whose father led Fadayun (terrorist) raids from Gaza into Israel before the 1956 Sinai War and who was liquidated by the Israeli secret service...but in spite of this she is a big friend of Israel. Her book is a DEVASTATING critique of the Arab/Muslim world and she makes it quite clear...there is NO chance of peace with them because they are so filled with genocidal hatred of Jews and Americans and their minds are filled with lies.

goesh said...

- all I see is hizbullah rearming and deploying more fighters south of the Litani river and your man Olmert is willing to have Jews killed to appease world opinion. I thought you people in Israeli had the right to vote and get bums out of office? Why are you keeping someone so inept and dangerous in office? I don't understand this.

bar_kochba132 said...

To "goesh"...
I have stated this before but I will repeat it for you...the "government" in power does NOT rule Israel. It is similar to the situation in the USSR..there was a Prime Minister, other minister and a Parliament called the "Supreme Soviet", but these were all rubber stamp bodies...the real power was the Communist Party politburo. In Israel, the power structure is not so formal, but the real power is held by an fuzzy oligarchy of wealthy people and other "high priests" who control various organs of coercion in the state apparatus. Among them is former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak, newspaper publishers Shocken of Ha'aretz and Moses of Yediot Aharonot (remember they have the power to slander anybody they want and thus destroy their career, regardless of whether the accusations are true), various members of the 17 wealthy families who control most of the assets in Israel and others. This explains how the majority of the Likud and its Prime Minster Sharon were able to go against all their promises including a party referendum they themselves called and go ahead and destroy Gush Katif. Enough cash was put into their pockets or threats made to them about investigations to convince them to betray every decency of political life. This is the reality. It makes no difference who is in the gov't. Thus, there is no point in voting. The only solution is for an aroused populace to DEMAND justice. The "orange" (i.e. national religious and right-wing elements) had the ability to do this during the struggle for Gush Katif, but their leaders either chickened out or were bought off and so that camp simply rolled over and allowed the regime to destroy them, quietly and efficiently. I am sorry, but this is the reality.

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