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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
To begin with before you even think to comment here, read this first.

There is no doubt in my mind, come Sunday we will begin to see headlines and articles declaring the revealed limits of Chareidi power, how the Chareidim are no longer the Masters of Jerusalem, and Yair Lapid will of course come out with a daring piece declaring everything he couldn’t say before the parade as to the real reasons he actually supported the parade.

And all these articles will show what we already saw last year and what we knew from long before.

These various destructive, antagonistic, and provocative actions aren't and weren’t done for the “good of the nation”, but rather to hurt specific sectors as Lapid
proudly brayed in his recent article.

Replacing “Settler” for “Chareidi” Lapid’s article would say, “The Israelis merely felt that the Chareidim should be taught a lesson in humility and perhaps in democracy too” and “the chareidim learned that their power is limited.”

And isn’t that what we are really talking about here?

While certain sectors yell and scream “Freedom of Expression”, “Freedom of Speech”, and of course “Freedom from Religion” I only see thousands of police and soldiers being deployed to kick Jews out of their homes, and to protect a purposely confrontational parade, but when it comes to protecting our rights, I don’t see anyone deploying those same forces to allow me to safely pray on the holiest site in Israel – the Temple Mount.

In short, we see through this façade of liberalism and openness and recognize that Yair Lapid showed the real face of his society – hatred of the Torah and Judaism and those they believe represent it, and nothing less than that.

This is a culture war, and it is far easier (for the Left) to destroy than (for the Right) to build.

Think I’m wrong?

When the thousands of Gush Katif expellees receive permanent housing, when I can openly and safely pray on the Temple Mount, when Jewish citizens of Yesh(a) aren’t thrown into administrative detention or barred from their homes without charges or having committed any crime, when the police protect and not beat up someone blowing the Shofar on Rosh Hashana at the Kotel, then I will quite possibly begin to consider that things have changed.

But until then all the
evidence proves me right.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you're right on the mark! You said it the way it is.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe; I disagree. There will be lots of violence, and I'm not sure the parade will take place next year, ecspecially if there is bloodshed.

Esp. with the Chareidim saying the bloodshed is a Kiddush Hashem.

I disagree...the Chareidim are a very powerful force and this is a major flexing of their political muscle.

JoeSettler said...

Actually with the escalated threat from the Palestinians to send out suicide bombers because we hit them back (good), they might have to cancel the parade due to lack of resources.

Do they protect the country or do they protect the parade.

Of course the Chareidim will be blamed for creating the either/or situation.

Anonymous said...

For all who argue that the impurade must be allowed to go on because of democratic values, I say: Al tikra demokratia ele S'domokratia


tafka PP said...

Hmm- I don't think you'll see any headlines like those you predicted. (Largely because it went off without a hitch, "closeted" in a stadium, the police were sitting around playing SheshBesh and sleeping. No violence, thank G-d.) And Jameel- I have no doubt that there will be an actual parade next year. And who knows Joe, maybe you'll get to pray on Har HaBayit too? Let's have a little optimism to start the week!

JoeSettler said...

There won't be those headlines, because effectively the Chareidim won (this year).

As a side point: I was told that the Chareidim are more upset, not because it's "Toeva", but because it falls under the category of "Gilui Arayos" and all that that implies.

JoeSettler said...

I am hoping to post a post about some of the blatantly open hypocricy we witnessed this week by the government. A few intereting points that no one has really mentioned.

tafka PP said...

Joe- FYI no one in the Rights movement is conceding a Charedi victory even for a second: In the end it was widely perceived as security concerns vis a vis Gaza.

- and the Charedi community in Israel should not be so quick to accuse any other community of "Gilui Arayot"

JoeSettler said...

pp: Actually the Chareidim fully perceive it as a victory, so it doesn't matter to them how those in the gay rights movement see it, or what excuse the police used to cancel it. And for that matter, for those of us on the Right it merely demonstrates the continuing and expanding hypocrisy of the government and the Supreme Court.

In his appeal last week, Itamar Ben-Gvir brought down 4 precedents against this parade.

You see, last year the court forbade a Right-wing march (on the same exact route as it happens) as well as another protest – on the grounds that they disturbed the peace, and blocked main traffic routes (and 2 other points).

If the court wasn’t openly biased they should have initially have forbade the Parade on the same exact grounds as it did for the Right last year, instead of throwing the decision onto the Police – as the court already had set precedents in the same exact situation.

But the court sidestepped the problem raised by his appeal by simply saying the parade’s venue was changed and so then dismissed Ben-Gvir’s appeals completely out of hand without even addressing any of the points and precedents he raised.

In case you don’t know what the term “Gilui Arayos” means, it refers to improper sexual relations which is generally accepted to include homosexual sex. Gilui Arayos is one of the 3 issurim (forbidden acts) we Jews are obligated to die for rather than commit.

They were protesting the promotion and advocacy of one of the Big Three.

And to be honest, I don’t know what you mean that they shouldn’t be quick to accuse other communities of “Gilui Arayos”. You may be confusing the term with something else, or including something in it that isn’t.

yitz said...

Still waiting for one of you guys [Joe, Jameel] to comment on Nadia Matar's take on the tactics that "closeted" the Toeva march/Impurade.

JoeSettler said...

There's a lot of truth in what she said.

What she forgot to mention was how important it was for certain government/police officials to not cave into the public will or threats of violence as that would have put a severe damper on their upcoming plans to destroy yet more Jewish communities.

tafka PP said...

Joe- Ergo, to the Gay Rights Movements, it is just as irrelevant regarding whether the Charedim perceive a victory... So it is still Stalemate.

(If you genuinely don't understand my comment about Gilui Arayot- email me)

JoeSettler said...

The Chareidim didn't want the parade. It didn't happen. The 30 that tried to march were arrested.

That there was still some gathering, I'd agree it wasn't a full victory, but it was certainly pretty close - and if the Supreme court had been consistent in their views, it wouldn't have happened at all (or alternatively Gush Katif would still exist).

JoeSettler said...

I emailed you offline.

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