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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Israeli Ambassador to the UN is under fire for asking the French how they would react if France was hit by cross-border missiles. Apparently you aren’t allowed to ask questions that raise the issue of moral equivalence.

That is OK, because Yossi Sarid manages to whitewash Eichmann Barghouti, when he unequivocally said that the dispatcher of terrorists bears less responsibility than the terrorists he sends. He said even more, but it was all pretty vile.

Meanwhile, Olmert is threatened by the success of Arkady Gaydamak’s vote buying. I personally have no problem with Arkady using his wealth any way he pleases, and while I can think of better ways to help the people of Sderot, all I can say is “Good for you Arkady”, if this helps out the people of Israel, and makes you more popular in the process – just don’t turn into another Sharon and twist your power and influence into something evil.

It turns out the fence is what in Israel is called an “Israbluff”. Doesn’t work, doesn’t do anything. See for yourself.

There was a nearly successful attempt to blow up an El Al plane (and others) in Germany. The plot was foiled because the terrorists didn’t offer enough money to the baggage handler. B”H Arkady is on our side.

Olmert & Peretz are fighting with each other. Who cares.

And suprisingly Dalia Itzik actually said one thing smart today when she said the Supreme Court shouldn’t have the right to invalidate laws passed by the Knesset (In my opinion it probably does not have the right, but merely grabbed it and no one had the guts to fight Barak).

And one smart thing is always better than none.

And that’s the news, and I’m outa here.


Anonymous said...

I'm so inured to VME (Vile Moral Equivalence) that it hardly fazes me at this point, although Sarid's cleansing of Barghouti's hands merely because Barghouti gave orders but didn't shoot (or blow himself up -- a pity, really) goes beyond VME. Heck, poor Eichmann, whom we equally guilty Jews executed, didn't have blood on his hands either, according to Saridian ethics.

But buried deeper in Sarid's article is a subtler yet far more dangerous statement, to wit:

"Chaotic Palestinian politics is also divided into two main camps...The moderate camp recognizes Israel and is willing to accepts its existence, and the radical-extremist camp, which considers Israel a foreign element that must be uprooted."

The neo-messianic belief that mainstream Fatah has actually accepted that Israel should not be uprooted is in no small way responsible for the ongoing Israeli government's penchant for misjudging how Fatah will act.

Put more succinctly, the radical Left is clueless because its premises contradict reality.

Anonymous said...

OU Kashrut ALERT!

Oops, the OU is at it again. Once again they certified an unfit item as Kosher, this time its Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

To let the OU know how you feel about this latest Kashrut fiasco you can contact them at the eMail addresses and phone numbers below.

OU Contacts

Convention Information contact:
Frank Buchweitz
(212) 613-8188

Convertion Registration contact:
Miriam Ganz
(212) 613-8198

IPA Washington
(202) 513-6484 Fax: (202) 289-8936

(212) 613-8124 Fax: (212) 564-9058

(02) 5667787 Fax: (02) 5617432
Outrage Against OU Decision to Honor Ehud Olmert
12:17 Nov 21, '06 / 30 Cheshvan 5767

( Protesters, including religious Jewish immigrants from North America who were evicted from their homes during the Disengagement and wounded by police brutality at Amona, will protest the Orthodox Union’s decision to honor Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at their annual convention in Jerusalem.

A protest rally under the banner "Hey OU - Olmert isn't kosher" will take place outside the convention. “I find it hard to comprehend why a Torah organization would want to invite a person who has practically declared war on the National Religious camp in Israel,” protester Steve Schwartz wrote to the organization. “Your organization's actions are a slap in the face to your fellow religious Jews in Israel.”

The protest will take place at 6 p.m. Wednesday 22 November outside Jerusalem’s Renaissance Hotel during the time Olmert is scheduled to address members of the OU.

For information call (052) 842-1203

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