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Sunday, November 12, 2006
The Arabs, for some reason, are all worked up that they caused the death of their fellow Arabs in Beit Hanoun when they attacked Israeli citizens from within (or around) that town.

The Arabs really have Chutzpa when it comes to venting at Israel for hitting them back - but the world accepts it, so why not?

S.P.Q.A. does an interesting analysis on how Arabs really estimate and assess the value of the lives of their fellow Arabs (it includes Iran too, so it is perhaps more of a Islamic estimation on the value of their lives) .

You can read it here.


Michael said...

As SPQA points out, the Arabs place no value on their own lives.

It amazes me when they show the extreme hypocrisy of complaining about the loss of something (Arab life) which they don't care about.

Anonymous said...

It's not hypocrisy, it's good strategy when the Western world constantly shows its own gullibility in swallowing their crap.


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