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Monday, November 13, 2006
I don’t know how many people have noticed the little green bar on the right side of my blog.

It’s a counter that counts days, specifically the numbers of days since our soldiers were kidnapped and Hizbollah hasn’t been disbanded.

Unfortunately the counter has reached a milestone. It has broken 90 days.

The Reservist Protest at the Knesset also folded up its tent today. And as expected, the current inquiry didn’t really find the real culprits (that commissioned the inquiry) except for a few scapegoats (some guilty – such as some generals, and some not – such as the reservists).

And meanwhile Olmert plans to expel more Jews.

Life in Israel moves on as if nothing ever happened and no one has learned anything.


Anonymous said...

What a sad thought for the day..........It's almost as if we're a broken people.... Why isn't it possible to have a radio station, television station and/or newspaper to give expression & representation to other views?
Very discouraging!

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