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Sunday, November 19, 2006
Is someone who protects a known terrorist innocent, or are they accessories to terrorism?

In line with the general idiocy of the left when it comes to defending Israel, the state has displayed what I can only describe as a series of idiotic concessions to terrorism.

First of all, it is now revealed (well, we knew it already) that it is apparently IDF policy to warn terrorists that the IDF is about to bomb their house.

Secondly the Palestinians, understanding the Left’s weakness got smart.

This time they sent 100 supporters of terrorism to protect the house and terrorist - by acting as human shields.

And as they predicted the IDF backed down.

If these Palestinians willingly want to protect terrorists and their property – then they have become accessories to terrorism too and are legitimate targets.
Wake up Israel. (The UN is going to blast us anyway).

And this is more interesting because in the wake of Beit Hanoun, the press is reporting that residents are now trying to stop the Kassam launchers from launching near their homes. (I’ve discussed this in the past).

"Some in Beit Hanun were saying that after the shelling last week of the Al-Atamna family and the extensive killings of civilians, some prominent local families had expressly threatened members of the Qassam cells. In one instance, they say, an armed man identified with Fatah put a gun to the head of a Hamas activist who was busy laying cables to launch a Qassam rocket. The message was clear; the would-be launcher ran away."

It’s time Israel learned that given the right incentives the Palestinians will stop terrorism on their own. Taking out the 100 supporters of terrorism would have provided great incentive for them to stop further attacks, and not try such a stupid thing again.

Instead the IDF displayed the crippled morals of the Left and decided to let our deterrence and fear of the IDF drop to the point of pretty much no return.

As an interesting/disturbing point of information, I returned from counter-terrorist training where I spent much of the time as the terrorist. I learned quite a bit about terrorist tactics, but the most interesting thing I learned is how a terrorist thinks.

Let me be quite unequivocal here.

Any terrorist sent on a mission (if he’s had any training whatsoever) is 100% aware in advance that no matter what weapons he brings with him (suicide belts, grenades, machine guns, knives) into a settlement, he is going out on a suicide mission. Period.

I played out dozens of scenarios and short of surrender before the attack (and occasionally cut-and-run if he is very lucky), there is pretty much no way for a single or small group of terrorists to survive the counter-assault (going in as a larger organized unit is different). Their goal, once inside, is to kill as many people as possible before being killed. There is no alternative. There is no escape (except to Allah).

This is the mindset of any terrorist that crosses the border into any settlement.
It’s important to keep this in mind when considering what they are planning to do as it defines every action they will take.

Here is a very interesting website to read. Perhaps there is hope.


Michael said...

I've always wondered something about the terrorists:

How misled can someone be?

Many of them honestly believe that they'll get 72 virgings when they die gloriously, etc, and go to paradise.

So, their reward in paradise is to get laid badly, 72 times in a row?

That's paradise?

There must be a lot of dissappointed friends of allah somewhere....

Lurker said...

A clear, sound, moral approach that Israel would do well to adopt:

"We fight the terrorists, and we fight all of those who give them aid.
America has a message for the nations of the world:
* If you harbor terrorists, you are terrorists.
* If you train or arm a terrorist, you are a terrorist.
* If you feed a terrorist, or fund a terrorist, you're a terrorist -- and you will be held accountable by the United States and our friends."

-- President George W. Bush, November 21, 2001

Lurker said...

The website you cited is that that of Nonie Darwish, a former "Palestinian" from the Gaza Strip. Her father was a terrorist in the 1950's when they were going by the name "fedayeen", and he was killed in an Israeli retaliatory strike. Her personal search into the circumstances and issues leading to her father's death led her to the inevitable conclusion that she has been brainwashed as a child, that the "Palestinian" claims were fraudulent, and that Israel was in the right. Eventually, she founded the organization "Arabs for Israel".

Another Arab woman who perhaps gives cause for hope is Wafa Sultan, originally a Syrian. If you have still not seen the now-famous clip of her appearance on Al-Jazeera, go watch it right now.

Like Joe, I also think that there is hope. But I'm not holding my breath to see any change in our lifetime. Yes, there will indeed come a time when Am Yisrael will be at peace with Yishmael (and with Eisav, btw), but that time will probably not be until the Yemot HaMashiach. There are two reasons why change will not be coming so quickly:

* Most people in the West (and that includes Israel) haven't the faintest notion of the magnitude and intensity of the bloodthirsty Jew-hatred cultivated in the Arab and Islamic world. Such a massive cultural phenomenon does change overnight (even if there was interest in changing it, which there is not).

* Most importantly: There will never be any respect for the Jews among our enemies until such time as the Jews themselves start behaving with self-respect. And I don't see that happening anytime soon, either...

tafka PP said...

So sorry to interrupt this delightful kill-the-Arabs fest in your comments box, but Joe, I can't see anything about 100 human shields in the article you linked to...

JoeSettler said...

pp: It's not a kill-the-Arab fest, but a kill-the-terrorist-and-their-accessories/supporters fest. It is very important to differentiate between the two, because we don't condone murder on this site, but we do condone the elimination of our enemies who are trying to kill us first.

JP must have changed the article on that link. Either way, it's all over the news.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Western society today is blind to its own cruelty. By allowing the "terrorists" to get stronger and bolder, we are sentencing more and more faithful Muslims to death, once we finally are hurt enough to be forced to stand up and fight.
Along the lines of "hamerachem al achzarim...," if we don't kick the Arabs out of Israel for their own good, we will one day have to kill them in self-defense.
So, tafka-pp, you may participate in an Arab "kill-fest," but I think those of us who are not blinded by false Western "morals" and "ethics" are actually in favor of the opposite by standing up for true Torah morals when daling with the Arabs.

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