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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Yesterday and today much of the public sector went on strike.

For a change I didn’t feel it, or even feel threatened by it (though I know people were affected), in fact my Post Office was even open, which was the only service I needed yesterday anyway.

I just kept thinking, when Amir Peretz ran a strike as head of the mafia Histadrut we knew it was serious. The country would shut down for unknown lengths of time. His economic terrorism would cause billions of dollars in damages. The courts were ineffectual in breaking the strike (a shame they couldn’t prove to be so weak when it comes to their attacks on Judaism).

But now he was completely out of the picture.

Instead he is contending with his failure as Defense Minister, his failure as head of the Labor party, and his biggest failure - leaving the one place that actually made him one of the most effectively powerful people in this country, the head of the Histadrut.

I’m actually completely disappointed with him.

Here is a man who knows how to be destructive, who knows how to be vicious, who knows how to use force and pressure to get what he wants, yet when push came to shove he failed in his biggest test, the Lebanon War.

While you might argue that perfecting economic terrorism is not the same as perfecting the defense of the country, I would argue differently.

Both require the absolute desire to achieve your goal, destroying the will of your enemy, and convincing your followers to do everything in their power to make it so.

Histadrut members crippled this country on the word of Amir Peretz, yet Amir Peretz couldn’t get his senior staff of generals to build up the required will to obliterate the Hizbollah enemy.

I admit that Israel is economically socialistic, so he wasn’t fighting an uphill battle for acceptance of his Marxist ideology, whereas the country has been so brainwashed into surrender ever since Oslo and particularly Gush Katif, that he was fighting an uphill battle to convince his generals that the IDF is actually supposed to win, much less, actually fight the enemy.

Peretz must be eating his heart out. He could have taken out this country for weeks if he was still the head of the Histadrut. The only other people capable of doing that are Hizbollah.

Perhaps he’s playing for the wrong team?


Michael said...

Performing badly at a job for which he is not suited isn't necessarily reason to crucify the man.

Not having the balls to admit that he got in over his head is reason, however.

And that can apply to Ehud "Wuss" Olmert, too.

Anonymous said...

For all his success and power running the Histadrut, he still couldn't get his own (left) people to take him seriously at election time. Rather than vote for him many chose the Pensioners a proxy for Labor.

And in case you missed it, there is a great Meretz ad available on YouTube with Netanyahu and Peretz rapping to a Subliminal beat, with Peretz as the bumbling incompetent who needs someone else to tell him what to do. (One of Bibi's lines is, loosely translated, "Free markets forever!")

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