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Friday, November 03, 2006
Well, the Reform movement has finally inaugurated its first public fast day.

They are calling it the Fast of Rabin.

Personally I plan to adhere to it as religiously as every other Reform Jew in the world adheres to every other Jewish fast during the year (with the possible exception of Yom Kippur).

And so, exactly like every Reform Jew in the world will be doing on that particular day, I will be doing the same thing - Yes, I will be eating.

What’s interesting is that they are calling it that probably to raise a similarity in your mind to the Fast of Gedalia (uh, how many Reform Jews know who he was to make the connection?).

But there is one main difference. Gedalia’s assassination essentially brought about the end of Jewish independence and habitation in the Land of Israel.
Rabin on the other hand was merely another "Victim for Peace" on the Left's idolatrous altar of human sacrifices. (You all do remember the sick Leftist mantra of “Karbanot l’shalom” ("Sacrifices for Peace") after every bombing. Don’t you?)

Really, there isn’t really much difference between one guy killing Rabin, verses Rabin, Peres, and Beilin giving the Arabs lots of weapons and free access to kill lots of Jews, except that Rabin, Peres, and Beilin are directly responsible for the deaths of lot more Jews than “he who shall not be named”.

But I guess when you outsource it’s easier to evade liability (or maybe it’s a numbers game, and you need to kill a lot of people, like all those on the Altalena, in order to go scot free).

Oh and Gedalia was a tzaddik, so there may be two main differences.

Anyway, as always, remember to make your annual pilgrimage here.

And here is a rather intriguing photo and video.


Anonymous said...

Joe -I am with you about the reform.But leeave Rabin rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Rabin was a throughly evil man, I think it should have been a beis din and not amir, but Rabin certainly got what he deserved.

Before anyone gets pissy remember that anyone who endangers Jewish lives has the status of a rodef, and the Ramban ruled that anyone who gives up any part of Eretz Yisrael is engaging in Avoda Zara

JoeSettler said...

Rabin certainly should have been judged here on this world (though the Left's Supreme Court in this country would have justified his every action as they did for Sharon in Gush Katif).

I think on Hirhurim would be a better place to discuss if there was a din rodef, and if "he shall not be named" was allowed to take his action (if he actually did it - did you see that interview!).

Anonymous said...

Daat Y: Rabin should rest in peace?! People continue to die as a result of his policies.

Olmert said yesterday that the Disengagement was "Moreshet Rabin". If that's his legacy, there's no reason why he should rest in peace.

You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

This event should be one of celebration not one of fasting. Like all celebrations, there is usually a particular food to eat. For this "celebration" the food should be of roast duck because Rabin was "quak" in politics ....... to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. In his last years Rabin was pretty out there that he hated American Jews, the Settlers, and the Religious. (Shmilda says, the three best things about Israel.)

The extra irony is that Reform is pretty much an American movement these days which mistakenly considers itself religious.

Anonymous said...

On second thought - "the norms of other traditional fast days" for them wouldn't necessarily be kosher...

bar_kochba132 said...

As a "right-wing" religious Jew in Israel I take issue with those who claim Rabin's murder was good. I think Rabin was a terrible person, but murder is not the answer. He would have been defeated soundly in the upcoming elections, and the Right might have had the power to really roll-back Oslo, which Netanyahu was afraid to do after his narrow victory. His murder made it politically incorrect to protest in any really meaningful way against the post-Zionist policies of the government, other than those grotesque "Benei Akiva love-in picnics" that the YESHA council threw with lots of nice Hasidic music (but NO protest songs by Dr Shalom Flisser who was banned by this group of collaborators) and a few speeches taking issue with the disastrous Oslo or Gush Katif policies.
Also the "Din Rodef" doesn't apply to Rabin or whoever is carrying out similar policies because as Rav Yaakov Ariel pointed out, the Left could claim also the the Jews of YESHA are "rodfim" since soldiers are supposedly endangering themselves to protect the yishuvim. Thus din rodef can't apply to political situations like this, particularly if they (wrongly) have the support of a large part of the population.
His murder gave the post-Zionist oligarchs the power to take total control of all the center of coercive power of the state (police, SHABAK, Supreme Court, State prosecutor's office) because many people on the Left, who opposed Rabin and Oslo, felt they had to close ranks with the Oslo gang as a result of the murder.
Yigal Amir is a collaborator with the SHABAK (e.g. his perjured testimony claiming he didn't tell Avishai Raviv that he wanted to kill Rabin) and has done immense damage to the Jewish people, which is exactly what the Post-Zionist oligarchs wanted.

JoeSettler said...

bk: There's a lot of truth in your comment.

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