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Thursday, February 23, 2006
I’ve been getting really annoyed lately at how the media always describes settlers as gun-crazy immigrants from Brooklyn.

Enough already!

Not all gun crazy olim from America become settlers, some even move to Beit Shemesh.

To be honest, when I first read this article I tried to figure out which acquaintance of mine this was (I’m still checking).

Next I looked at the contents of the container he brought with him (an M-16 rifle, sniper rifle, pistol, magazine clips, army equipment, and commando knives) and I wasn’t so impressed. Jameel and I have much more stuff (and not only is our hardware legally acquired, we even get to use it).

Heck, every neighbor of mine (including my Palestinian neighbors - and they get to use it too) have at least this much stuff at home.

Third, what kind of idiot gets caught mailing themselves a pistol? Just buy one from a PA policeman if you really need one.

And finally, something I actually can agree with.

With all those Chareidi riots lately, Beit Shemesh is a dangerous place. I’d want to be heavily armed going in there too.

But you’d think Nefesh b’Nefesh would have pointed out to him what’s allowed to be in your shipping container when you make aliyah: 1 oven, 2 dishwashers (with Rabbi’s letter), 1 TV, 2 anti-tank missiles, 1 washing machine…

Nothing in there at all about M-16 rifles.

NbN really blew this one.

Seriously though, I could go on with this post for a while, and now that this guy is disarmed I don’t need to worry about payback (unlike when I make fun of Leftists who may in turn try to kick me and my community out of our homes in revenge).

Please, leave your comments below. This is too funny to ignore.

By the way, don't forget to sign Nadia Matar's petition. Because if you can't make fun of your government, well then you must as well be living in the USSR Israel.


Ezzie said...

Did you see what he said at the end? He needs to protect his family... but he collected it as a "hobby". Ha!

westbankmama said...

Brooklyn? Brooklyn? I'm insulted. We crazy American settlers come from tonier boroughs than that...;)

Anonymous said...

How scary is it that this guy got the first shipment in undetected!

Anonymous said...

What kind of retardate Jew would move to a place like Israel without a pistol?

My grandparents didn't survive the Shoah so I could go to a Kafkaesque backwards place like Israel without at the very least a pistol under my jacket!

All of the Jews in Lodz Poland should have owned guns, all of the Jews in the Pale should have owned guns and all of the Jews in Israel should own guns.

Not because they need to use them on anyone but so that those who would try to harm them know that they all have them and won't be rounded up and murdered as in days gone past.

Jews without guns end up in crematoriums

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