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Friday, December 23, 2005
Test updated: 12/24/2005 10:40pm (Israel time) - version 1.2

For all those undecided voters, having trouble deciding who to vote for?

This test should help you out.


Ezzie said...

It says I'm NRP/Mafdal... sorry, don't think so. NRP, maybe. Likud, more likely... but I guess it doesn't take into account other factors, such as making sure other parties don't win. So perhaps it's not so off.

Pretty good, Joe.

Ze'ev said...

Joe, imrpessive test, it says I should either vote Feiglin or Moledet - pretty much on the money.

What do the following things mean:

For: Political leaning
0% scored higher, and
100% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 78.0, your's was: 117

For: Religious leaning

0% scored higher, and
100% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 65.6, your's was: 97

For: Party

0% scored higher, and
100% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 51.8, your's was: 128

JoeSettler said...

In this version I gave weighted values to the answers, but specific answers to certain key questions trigger a fixed response as the person clearly has a specific distorted world view.

The test still needs tuning.

Perhaps better questions and answers.

Any recommendations?

stillruleall said...

I got NRP. I may actually vote for them, just by default. Or maybe I just wont vote...

Is Arye Deri still an issue? That was a definite "Dont care"!

Here's some more questions
Future "territorial concessions".
Necessary Evil
The Only Way

Hesder Yeshivot
The only way to Olam Haba
Fifth Column
Nice idea, but not for a "real" yeshiva guy

Harry said...

Your test is absurd beyond belief. First time I took it it said I should vote for Feiglin (wrong!). Second time, I changed just two answers and said I should support Shinui (due to my religious hatred - also really wrong). I think this test is a good idea, but your agenda and political leanings don't allow for a fair result. Nice attempt though.

JoeSettler said...

a) This is a first revision. The test needs tuning and rewriting based on further consumer (that's you) testing.

b) Answers to certain questions significantly increase the weight in a certain direction.

i.e selecting 'Parasites' for Chareidim is a rather nasty generalization, but if you really feel that way then Shinui might be the right party for you!

c) I will be modifying the questions and answers this week based on feedback I get.

d) You really should read Feiglin's platform to see what he has to say:

You may not find it so radical.

JoeSettler said...

The Aryeh Deri question is there to add influence to ethnicity and religiousity (sp).

Take into acount that the software itself is very limited in its analysis capabilities.

JoeSettler said...

I haven't changed the questions, perhaps in the future, but I've changed the weights and triggers.

Technical (If you interested): To activate a specific party trigger, you now need to answer 3 specific questions "correctly", regardless of the rest of your answers this will select the right party for you. It says a lot about you if you actually triggered it via a party trigger.

If you feel the results are still wrong, please tell me why and I'll work on the weights some more.

JoeSettler said...

No, you can just use 1 variable.
1. Create a default answer as the last possible answer at the end (no test values) with just a name and description.

2. Make sure that your tested values are reachable.

3. Make sure you gave values to each answer in the question. I think 0 is the default if you leave it blank.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I did your test, and my results were:

JoeSettler said...

I think the site is having problems. I got the error too.

tafka PP said...

Joe- I came out as Feiglin-Moledet. That's right. Me the annoying "Leftist" you probably had in mind when you made your "Who D'you Hate" question...

JoeSettler said...

pp: That's very interesting.

Actually, when I asked that question, I had the recent poll in mind that asked Israelis which group they hated the most.

If you got Feiglin-Moledet then you answered the questions atypically for a typical Leftists (it has less to do with hate and more to do with policies and economics).

Maybe you should read Feiglin's platform after all. It would seem you do something in common with what he says.

And finally, this test is a toy, potentially a strong toy, but a toy and non-scientific one at best.

Jameel and I are working on a more serious one, with better questions, scoring, and analysis, but we are still limited to the available tool.

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