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Sunday, December 18, 2005
As I write this we are waiting to hear from the hospital the condition of the Prime Minister; beyond that he has had a minor stroke we don’t know more at the moment. We also don't know if this is his first stroke or his second in the past two years.

I can say with all honesty that I wish him well, and that he should have a long life, but back on his farm and out of politics.

This leads us to a very curious situation.

Some people have commented that if he decides (and is able) to stay in politics, Israelis will still vote for him no matter what his condition. Probably true. But Kadima's numbers will plummet for sure.

But what happens if he can no longer run.

Who runs Kadima? Will Kadima disappear?

Kadima is Sharon, Sharon is Kadima, and all the political garbage and egos he has gathered into one place will no longer have their unifying factor.

Obviously their best bet will be to unite under Peres, which would completely turn them into the new Labor party, for who else is there in Kadima that could lead? Ahh, the backstabbing and infighting we are going to be seeing soon.

But for Kadima, that is their only realistic option, their old parties won’t be letting the trash back in, and otherwise everyone is Kadima is completely out of a job. Certainly we won't be hearing much more of 'Bugsy' Weisglass and Omri the Enforcer.

And that is the Prime Minister’s True Legacy.

He managed to clean out a significant amount of political trash from the Likud (and Labor) party and has put them in a position where they can (hopefully) no longer be politically significant.

True he missed Shalom and a few others, but a cleaner, leaner, more ideological Likud can only go up in the polls as a result, and hopefully the travesties and tragedies of last summer will also remain in the trash bin of history to never repeat itself.


Jerusalemcop said...

maybe this is gods way of "cleaning house." What better way to get rid of corrupt politicians than to make them irrelevant.

I too wish Sharon the best. I think his time as PM shopuld be over. He was a great man in his youth who got confused at a later age.

Even though my political views differ from his, I would never wish anything bad on a fellow Jew. Cause thats not who we are.

westbankmama said...

Off topic, but I love your snoopy/logo!! Can I be Needles (Snoopy's cousin)?

JoeSettler said...

wbm/p: Talk to Jameel

Batya said...

This uncertainty is the best.

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