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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Can anyone find the difference between current Likud members that gave their tacit support to the expulsion, and those that joined the Kadima party?

The answer is simple. There is none.

Yet Bibi wants to unilaterally expel Feiglin from the Likud.

So then what exactly differentiates a Feiglinless Likud from Kadima?
Absolutely nothing, except that Kadima has a stronger (despite his stroke), and certainly more popular (perhaps even more so due to his stroke) leader .

So then how exactly will the Likud distinguish itself as a Center-Right party?

Bibi gave away parts of Hebron. Limor Livnat, Shalom and others Likudniks (that still haven’t left Sharon’s government!) supported the expulsion. Besides Uzi Landau, who else has any surviving center-right-wing credentials left to distinguish them from Kadima?

Bibi has the opportunity to create a true center-right party, a party with values and goals, but instead he is trying to merely create a Kadima clone in an attempt to regain a few seats. A poor copy at that.


Ezzie said...

He may actually be doing that wisely - steal some from Kadima, coupled with Sharon's stroke, and Likud may be able to win. Then he brings in all the RW parties and he ends up with a C-R government.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Landau badmouthed Feiglin. Is there a right-wing Israeli? Feiglin's's Jews and "whatevers." Landau and Shalom and Livnat are all the same, they're just whatever.

JoeSettler said...

ezzie: He's not that devious, and his ideological backbone isn't strong enough.

The US stopped making the Presidential loser into the VP many years ago. How pathetic is it to make Shalom his #2 - particularly after his bad mouthing.

westbankmama said...

Wait and see who the central committee picks for the Knesset slate.

There are a lot of good people out there - Ayoub Kara, Michael Ratzon, Natan Sharansky, Ruby Rivlin to name a few, who would be very attractive on the list.

Don't forget, there are a lot of Mafdalnikim who also make fun of Moshe Feiglin - because they are afraid of losing votes to him. You can't expect Netanyahu to be "frummer" than them.

The anger and fear is a good sign. Israelis don't respect wimps (and don't vote for them either) - and don't take the time out to demonize them.

We have to keep talking about the platform.

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