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Sunday, December 11, 2005
A baby elephant was born today at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem.
Currently you can see it live at:

Don't worry, the one on the right is asleep.

If you were wondering if elephants can jump click here.

Just in case you were really concerned...


JoeSettler said...

I must admit though, while it's interesting to see the animals (and I have a full-year pass) I find the concept of zoos somewhat disturbing.

Animals should be free or on the dinner plate. Not locked up in captivity unable to roam free.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe; You need to go to the next Exotic Kosher Animal BBQ Banquet with Rabbi Tendler and Ari Greenspan.

I bet R' Slifkin has his own views on zoos. I wonder what he thinks about your point of animals not being kept in zoos... Hmmm.

Food for Thought? ;-)

Elchonon said...

i think it is illeagal!!! you are a army of ocupation! you lock up poor animals! as a good will gesture to the hamas animals... i say we release these animals from jail..

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